SNL's top scum bag, Lorne Michaels, blames backlash on touchy viewers

**Executive Producer and top Scum Bag on Saturday Night Live! blamed the backlash of recent programs on overly-sensitive viewers. In a Los Angeles Times article he added, “We’re just kidding folks.”

Okay, Mr. Buttmunch. Then why don’t you “kid” Barack Obama? Why don’t you highlight Michelle Obama finally realizing she is proud of American just as her husband clinches the Democratic nomination?

You know though, I looked for a certain skit. But somehow, he failed to address a skit “kidding” Todd Palin about having sex with his daughters. I had no idea the Obama staff wrote news releases for SNL.

There kidding. They’re just joke merchants. Or smut merchants as the mood moves them.

There is a very, very, valuable lesson here. We should continue to fire away at SNL. It is NBC’s flagship program. And it’s the one they use so they can avoid law suits by putting slander within a comedy program.

Well, the same can apply to NBC, the CBC, MSNBC, and all the others who vigoruosly campaigned for Obama. They were much more intent on making news, than reporting it. Everyone on this board knows this is true.

Since John McCain has virtually torpedoed his campaign by blowing kisses to Barack Obama, I think the best that can come of this, is to start to win in 2012…today.

Don’t let Obama get a second term. We have got to make a sincere, vigorous, and lengthy boycott and pressure of the networks, so they don’t do this again. I take it that you notice that the journalism schools, network stations, and Democrats, live along the east and west coasts? And those states with the Brainwash Corridor, are heavily blue? Hmmmm? What a coincidence.

The networks see what we see. Obama’s friend Rezko in prison. Obama’s friend Luis Farrakhan calling Obama the Messiah. Obama’s racist pastor spraying hate for America from the pulpit. And Bill Ayers gaining popularity and support for his educational programs. What’s the point if we’ve heard this all before?

We romanticize how intelligent the general public is. What else can a candidate do? They may be smart. But 90% of them don’t learn a thing about candidates beyond the television and left-wing newspapers. I don’t believe the intial boost they gave Obama, and the continued barrage of support, can ever be overstated. NBC and the other networks gave Obama priceless help in spreading the Obamamania virus.

For the next four years, you will continue to be saturated on the beauty of Obama, and his plans, and his family, and his party, his pets, his car, and critters that raid his garden.

We need to carefully document every single misstep he makes. Nothing vague. Nothing he can argue, or twist. Just 100% concrete facts.

You know that we can be on soup lines in 4 years and NBC will tell you how good you have it. Everyone will say he inherited the Bush mess and it will take another term to finish repairing it. You KNOW that’s coming. Documenting his every screwup, and there will be no shortage, will help. And on Day One, unleash the salvo.

And the next time around, everyone has to be extremely SPECIFIC. Bill Clinton might have invented, “What is, is?” But Barack Obama mastered the style to a level no one could imagine.

People have suggested I simply don’t watch SNL if I don’t like it. But it’s still there. And in 2008 they helped discredit our candidates with ridicule only meant to show them in a bad light. If it couldn’t harm a candidate, they would have highlighted Barack Obama, right? No, we cannot ignore programming like SNL. And when we watch them, we FINANCE them. Why donate ammo to the enemy?

SNL’s Lorne Michaels did everything he could to downplay their vulgar humor. NBC did all the damage control they had time for, in order to pretend they are a news network. They don’t have news anchors, they have hitmen.

Once again, hiding behind a veil of purported “comedy” they posted photos of Herbert and Marion Sandler, with the text under the photos reading, “People who should be shot.” Of course, if some whacko goes out and shoots them, Michaels will be in court telling the world that they’re just kidding.

Eventually, SNL pulled it off the Internet. An NBC spokesman said, “Upon further review, certain elements of the sketch didn’t meet our standards.” This set off a firestorm of bidding from every top comedian in America, to obtain the rights to use the quote. This is primarily because everyone knows that SNL has no standards anyway. Nor would they ever care to “review” anything except the current skits which could spawn a boycott.

To given further proof they are liars, left-wing influence got SNL to cancel a skit featuring Georger Soros and Nancy Pelosi. Sure, SNL. You and NBC are real impartial and neutral in these elections.

If Lorne Michaels is more than an NBC parrot who is spoon-fed his opinions, then where is the apology to Todd Palin and the Palin household? How about a skit mocking Luis Farrakhan? Don’t have the nads for that, do you Lorne? How about one on Wright, or the Messiah himself? How about Obama and Ayers secretly having gay sex? No, I didn’t think so Mr. Scum Bag. I didn’t think so.

P.S. Hey, Lorne Michaels. Keep it up. And we’ll keep working on helping your show tank. How appropriate since you’re in the tank for Obama anyway.