Serious suggestions for Debate #3

**This crap of Obama using up time, going on and on, without being stopped is ridiculous. Obama has no respect for lights. He talks over the top of John at will.

My calendar shows it to be the year 2008. For Pete’s sake, use a damn timer will you!!!!!!!!!!! When the time is up, the respective microphone ceases to work. It shuts off the same time the light comes on. Then Obama can just sit there talking to himself while it’s McCain’s time.

Second point. A shortage of moderators, so we have to use people writing books about Obama? What the f…

You have to be a television personality to READ some friggin’ questions? There has to be a half million people that could impartially read questions, then shut up until the next question. Why is every, single step of this campaign have to give Obama some edge?

Isn’t NBC, the CBC, the AP, SNL, all of Hollywood, and every musician and singer endorsing Obama, enough?