Why do you people say Barack Obama lies?

**Why do you people on the RedState forum say Barack Obama lied about Pastor Wright? Twenty years is not very long to get to know someone. Especially when all they did was deliver sermons, marry you, and Christen your children.

C’mon now. Those DVDs and CDs the Pastor sold in the church lobby. Just because the congregation bought them, doesn’t mean they LISTENED to them. A lot of people don’t. And a lot of people don’t inhale. Some people are still trying to determine what “is,” is.

I can see why the congregation argued that the world was taking Pastor Wright out of context. Wasn’t fair. That’s like saying Hitler was mean when you only focus on a few soundbites like, “Gas the Jews.” That’s jumping to conclusions.

**When Barack Obama said he would take public funding, that doesn’t always mean a person is going to take public funding. Sometimes they mean they’re going to take private donations. Your interpretations are just too strict.

Obama tells lots of lies. But you don’t have to go off the deep end by calling them lies. How about gaffes, fibs, truth-stretchers, innovative conversation, creative license, B.S., or whoppers. Then there’s mouth-farts, boners, Politician Gone Wild!

Obama has a good sense of humor. You can always depend on him to come up with ACORNy joke to lighten up economic disasters. When he says his tax cut for 95% of Americans, time after time after time, he is just pulling your leg, the trickster. He knows he means 95% of working Americans, or, 60% of Americans. But it’s funnier to say 95% repeatedly, when no one calls you on it. That guy’s a card.

Even Michelle is a hoot. When she comes up with an idea, out of left field, she tries in her own zany way to make it relevant to the election so she has a basis for a dig. Like telling people not to vote for someone based on race or appearance. She went on to give the example, “Oh, she’s cute.” And after the laughter, she added, “…and I’m talking about myself.” See, it’s funny because she not running for an office. So why would she be saying, “Don’t vote for me just because I’m cute?” Get it? She’s one crazy kinda chick, that one.

Try this one out at your next gathering, and you’ll be the life of the party. Say, “Hey, all you Illinois people vote for me. I promise I won’t raise your taxes.” Follow along now, because this one is a gut-buster. After they vote for you, raise…raise, raise their taxes. Yeeeeeoooooww! You’ll have them rolling in the aisles.

Then there’s the joke about the guy and gal sitting up in bed, staring into the doorway. Within the doorway stands the man’s wife, and she’s not happy. The caption is: [man speaking] “What woman?” Now if you can remember that one, just change the woman to Bill Ayers they’ll laugh ’til their faces hurt. Wow, that one’s a classic.

I sent the one about Joe Biden’s helicopter being shot down by a surface-to-air snowball to Saturday Night Live! They told me to keep my day job because they have professionals who come up with skits like the one about Todd Palin is having sex with his daughters. Okay, I’m funny. But I admit, not THAT funny.

So, at the least the Obama campaign is run by “gentlemen” who also have a whacky sense of humor. So lighten up. Sure Biden talks about his friend of 25 years like he’s a whack job. But it’s all in fun.

And you have to admire Barack Obama for having an open mind and be willing to change. He’s promised to bring change to Washington. And he knows how to do it, believe me. After all, he was going to defend Jeremiah Wright as his friend and mentor of 20 years. And he CHANGEd his mind. He was going to take public funding to encourage campaign reform. And, he CHANGEd his mind. No taxes for Illinois residents. CHANGEd his mind. How can you possibly say this guy doesn’t know how to bring change?

First Presidential candidate to be a recovering coke head. That’s a change. First candidate to have a friendly working relationship, and his campaign kicked off by a guy who declared war on the United States. Hey, it still counts as CHANGE. That’s a 5-pointer.

The guy is a well-spoken, well-dressed, well-mannered, Harvard grad. If you’re going to hold his carpet-bombing the entire American population with lies against him, well, that’s up to you. I’ll have none of it. Besides, they’re only meant to conceal and mislead. Sheesh! You people!