Does anyone have an extra $128,000,000 I can have? (Long)

**Beneath the din of the election of 2008

Barack Obama has no degree in economics. We are hearing him echo his coaching. A man riding a wave of well-crafted rhetoric and unprecedented media control.

In the meantime, it was John McCain who warned us about the looming Freddie/Fannie debacle. Wouldn’t you prefer a President who prevented problems, rather than showed his expertise in handling them?

**Barack Obama ran for the U.S. Senate in Illinois. By now, I hope you know he promised the people of Illinois, that he would not raise taxes. After his election, the first raise-or-lower opportunity that came along, resulted in Illinois voters seeing a tax increase. A spokesperson, completely caught off guard, stammered and stuttered for several seconds, then gave a completely innocuous explanation of circumstances which could not have been foreseen.

I don’t think a promise from a promise-breaker is worth the air expelled making it. I don’t think a promise is worth much when it fails to note the Socialist parallels it will bring with it.

When it comes to economic promises in particular, and I weigh whether he can deliver on his promise, the first examination is of the speaker. Again, with no formal education in economics, I know I’m hearing coaching of the same caliber probably being given to John and Sarah. When listening very carefully, and re-playing his remarks, it becomes immediately apparent, that Barack Obama cannot go off-message or off-talking points, and hold his own. He rarely uses even Economy 101 terminology. Virtually every economy question he is presented with, is met with a canned, juvenile-level yada-yada, blah-blah of “It’s starts with Washington. It’s George Bush. John McCain has no answers.” Get him off questions he’s been coached on, and he knows no more about saving us from the economic crisis than I do.

Barack Obama has people thinking it is noble to lift the lower class into the middle class, and justice to pull the upper class down to the middle class. Perhaps it is. If you want to simultaneously kill the capitalism that was the engine that made the United States the greatest economic superpower the world has ever seen.

More disturbing than the Socialist-like economics he brings, the Obama followers have already shown a widespread movement dedicated to recruiting and controlling our youth. Missouri students, dressed in fatigues, construct drills and chants to swear their allegiance to Barack Obama. The emphasis is not on the nation, but the leader. That’s scary.

Small children trained like tiny Hari Krishna zombies, are indoctrinated by their teacher, to sing their praise of Barack Obama. Not praises of America, but their leader.

In support of their leader, High School students refuse to stand for the National Anthem. A singer changes an agreement to sing our anthem and sings the Black National Anthem instead. Professional basketball players mock the National Anthem with profanity in favor of praising Barack Obama. Not the Nation, but his choice of leadership. American flags on city property are taken down at night and replaced with flags of African nations.

Virtually no Democrat or media source spoke much about Sarah Palin’s e-mail being hacked. They said nothing about the vulgar incest “joke” on SNL. There was no outrage from the Democrats about Ayers disciples planning to kidnap delegates to the RNC, and fire bomb vehicles with Molotov cocktails. An American political party, seemingly uninterested in the complete disrespect for freedom of speech and assemblies such as the RNC. The Democratics turns a blind eye to assaults on cherished Constitutional provisions because it aids their party.

Can you monitor your children in school? Can you protect them from teachers who demand they change their beliefs? Do you want to encourage the “right” of teachers to force their political views on your children? Is having Ayers-like schooling a danger you’ll ignore because it’s packaged with unproven promises of an economic recovery? If Obama did not see the economic crisis a month ago, how can he promise we will have an environment, 6 months from now, that will allow his tax cuts? Perhaps this will also go the way of promises he made on the Illinois tax cuts.

Aren’t you the least bit concerned about the mood of the government you’d have if its leader refused to wear an American flag, and finally recited the Pledge of Allegiance with the enthusiasm you son has for eating his vegetables? Do you understand the wisdom of the Nation being more important than the man/woman who is leading it? Do you understand why people are concerned about a man who needs to be pressured to place his hand over his heart while listening to the National Anthem? Do you think Barack Obama will be an effective Commander in Chief, when he believes “his” troops are air-raiding villages and killing civilians? Is that an oxymoron of obligations?

With all of the above, with the lie of his knowledge of Pastor Wright’s views, with his shady tactics with ACORN, do you really NOT see the Ayers-Rezko-Wright-Farrakhan in him!

I don’t even have to ask you if even a national economic crisis takes a back seat to the safety and welfare of your children. Yes, the economy is directly linked to your job, income, and ability to take care of those children. But will you overcome your panic over the economy long enough to question whether or not you want far-left wing ideals taking over their education? Do you think that Barack Obama funded every one of Bill Ayers far-left educational projects, only to fight against them being unleashed on our children?

What trait do Pastor Wright and Bill Ayers share? They are both teachers in a sense. Perhaps, more aptly, brainwashers disguised as teachers. Both are also authors and orators who have had life-long efforts to teach hatred for whites, mistrust of the United States, and recruit the youth of America. We are in real danger of changing to a school system designed by a man who preached that you should kill your parents.

These people have obviously had a big impact on Barack Obama and the man under the promises. You can ignore that fact if you also want to believe that Obamabots want you and your children to think for themselves. And if there is one common thread to Barack Obama, and every close relationship he’s had, it’s one of people who specialize in controlling your views. They write about their ideas, preach their poison, target the youth and schools. This is quite an effort for someone would want you to think for yourself.

I have wept at the Viet Nam Memorial. I have been within a few feet of the Declaration of Independence and felt the hair stand up on the back of my head. I have stood at the foot of the Iwo Jima Memorial and got goosebumps reading, “Uncommon Valor Was A Common Virtue.” I just got goosebumps typing it. But I would bet the farm that these are reactions that would be foreign to Barack Obama.

Yes, Barack Obama was endorsed by Barbra Streisand. He was also endorsed by Al Qaeda. So, don’t be too quick to be swayed by endorsements. Much of Hollywood endorses Obama. I’m sure the the Democrats claim it is pure coincidence that a Democrat added many millions of dollars in tax breaks, for Hollywood studios, into the Bailout package. Now, the taxpayers will pay Hollywood for endorsing Barack Obama. Most of Hollywood’s actors couldn’t find “bravery” in the dictionary. The closest most of them has gotten to bravery is “portraying” men like John McCain. They aren’t even brave enough to take a stand contrary to the left-wing power brokers who control Hollywood, and their careers. You can always count on the brave Hollywood crowd to be unafraid of voicing the opinions that have been given to them. You can always expect the brave producers of Saturday Night Live! to cross any boundary of decency to carry out their network’s orders. Even if it sinks to “humor” about incest in the Palin household. And oh, yes, yes, yes. NBC is an impartial news network. Yes, yes, yes. Ahem.

When Republicans ask Barack Obama why he continued to work with Bill Ayers, well after he befriended Bill Ayers, Democrats turn a deaf ear. Well, Democrat, why don’t YOU try to get a straight answer out of Barack Obama on this? Apparently, he is above answering to the American people now.

If Barack Obama is elected, a lot of those donors of the half-billion dollar campaign fund are going to look for some favors. NBC will surely enjoy an appearance of Obama on SNL. Militant groups, their headquarters hiding in plain sight under steeples, are waiting for the windfall of taxpayer money from a grateful Obama.

John McCain is not weak on economic issues. Every bit as savvy as any Senator, he has the know-how to enact bills with bi-partisan support. Obama could have the same ideas, but he has polarized America so soundly, that I wonder how much support he’ll have on any legislation. Democrats have a picture of a McCain weak on economy. This is a totally false picture painted by master counterfeiter, van Bama.

There are a finite number of economic experts in America. During an economic crisis, both Obama and McCain will consult many of the same experts. They will both consult their Cabinet members. Due to global economic restraints, both men have to work within a immovable window. Hence, both are likely to arrive at similar answers to handle any economic crisis. But John McCain would be far the superior man in bringing both sides of the aisle to take action. Relatively speaking, both men as President, would have a long time to work with a great number of people to find solutions. On the other hand, matters of national security will not afford that luxury.

A national emergency, such as a terrorist attack, would not be the time for Barack Obama to go running to his coaches, speech writers, and economic backers. These are times when you would not want anyone but John McCain answering the phone at 3:00 am.

One of the questions every one of you should ask yourself, is, “Would I prefer to deter another terrorist attack, or sit back and admire how your man, Barack Obama, handles one? How do you think your pretender will fair when the economics are turned upside-down by another domestic attack?

I know you’re scared. I’m scared too. But I can’t be so selfish to reach for political comfort food without considering the legacy it will leave my kids. This is not a time to look at our feet and ignore was is down the road. We all want to restore economic health to our homeland. But I also don’t want it to take forever with Socialist remedies. I don’t want to destroy the capitalism that brought us such wealth, for a quick fix. This is the home of the brave. Act like it. Suck it up. Bravery is not the exclusive domain of our military. It’s not just for police officers and firemen. All of those men and women are brave. In and out of uniform. Well, step up to the plate and start questioning the Messiah.

This is a time when a people are ripe for exploiting. This is a great time for someone to rise to power by exploiting your fear. Stalin did it. Hitler did it. Both used panic against the population. And the population never expected the unprecedented price tag that accompanied it. I am not attempting to compare Barack Obama to Hitler. So, don’t go there. Clearly, I am stating that this air of panic makes your ripe for the picking. And I hope that you consider everything this man is telling you, and everything he is not. Years after he rose to power, proud of how he had exploited fear, Adolph Hitler uttered,

“What luck for rulers, that men do not think.”

No matter what the message, I worry about men who feel their vision must be achieved at whatever cost is necessary. This includes barbs, fibs, lies, disrespect for women, vulgar “humor,” disrespect for heroes, and withholding the information the demand from the opponent.

I was stunned by the disrespect for the Palin family. From Michelle Obama’s catty barbs and “cute” quips, to Barack’s lowly ads relating to McCain’s Cancer, injuries received via torture, and those injuries which prevented him from using a computer. Obama made light of the size of John McCain’s medical file, some 1500 pages. In a mean spirited attack, he chose to ignore the fact that the bulk of the report related to treatment for injuries received while being tortured. I was taught that respect never goes out of style. Well, Barack Obama can wear expensive suites, but he’ll always be out of style.

Then the Obama campaign proved the Audacity of Hope did not exclude the campaign from the audacity of being devoid of class. I cannot help but feel certain, that if is Barack Obama’s campaign, it will be Barack Obama’s administration.

In addition to shameless attacks on combat wounds and the Palin family, Obama extends his contempt to the military. I have zero confidence Obama can be an effective Commander in Chief, when his opinion of our military is that of men and women air-raiding defenseless villages and killing civilians. If you add in the contempt for John McCain and the U.S. government, and you blacked out Barack Obama’s name, I would bet the farm that I was reading the opinions of Bill Ayers.

When it comes to Barack Obama’s cocaine use, I feel I’m making a mountain out of a mountain. Did you ever think you’d see the day when you would plead with your child to “Say No To Drugs,” and have him/her counter with, “Why? It didn’t hurt the President.” So now we have to abandon the benefit we used to get from the President being the ultimate role model. We have to lower our expectations to admitting the best we can find for President is a man who skipped in and out of times when he felt he should obey the law. We are now supposed to abandon hope that people will applaud one who never does drugs instead of hailing the one who stopped using drugs.

The way Obama has doggedly worked at watering down his knowledge of his 20-year mentor, Pastor Wright, and his frequency and warmth he showed to Bill Ayers, and his dealings with convicted Syrian businessman Antoin Rezko, I freely question the voracity of Obama’s accounts of his illegal drug use. I’m guessing more drugs, more often, of more varieties. And, I think this is a warranted suspicion relating to his refusal to release his medical records.

Let me impress upon you, a very important fact of the war on drugs. The bread and butter of the drug trafficker, is the “average” citizen. Housewives, doctors, students, and entertainers, among others. People who might use occasionally, or frequently. They may be long-term or short-term. In that vein, we have a man running for President who has done as much as anyone to help perpetuate the drug use that is destroying so many nations, including America. Again, Barack Obama wants to water this down. But I certainly don’t see it as a mistake. I see it as a very bad decision, by a man who wants to “specialize” in making decisions. This is not an argument over forgiveness. This is a discussion about a man who has displayed considerable weakness and self-destructive behavior like smoking and illegal drug use. This is a man who could not pass a background investigation to be my letter carrier but wants this to be excused so he can be my President.

I understand that many of you reading this may also be addicted to nicotine. You may also use, or have used, cocaine. That is a fact of life and does not warrant eternal damnation. But, YOU…you, are not asking to be the President of the United States! Yes, there is a difference.

Therefore, for the first time in my life, “Jumpedship” is going to jump ship and vote for a Republican. The Democratic party is moving way too far, way too fast, to the left. I don’t want our kids brainwashed into thinking like Bill Ayers or Jeremiah Wright. I don’t want to teach hate and mistrust. I don’t want this Nation polarized more than it is.

For me, John McCain and Sarah Palin do not have to be perfect specimens of homo sapiens. They walk upright and love the America I love. They and their families wear our nation’s uniforms. They have fought in Viet Nam and Viet Washington. I feel like they are encouraging me to love America, and the American way, not McCain and Palin. But for that, they do earn my respect. Obama’s socialist economy remedies will mean very slow growth in America. Slow growth after the crisis is over. I don’t care if McCain’s plans are not perfect. At least my kids will see it end.

But most of all, I have always voted for the man or woman based on their values and principles, far more so than their plans. People with heart and character formulate good plans, in good faith. The Senate and House act as watchdogs. If a plan isn’t perfect, they’ll improve it, change it, or get rid of it. As long as we have to “settle” for using humans for our Presidents, we have to accept that they will err. McCain will err. But his heart will be in the right place.

Barack Obama scares me. His friends scare me. His far-left agenda for America makes me feel like I have seen the last of the America I knew. I contrast this to a Navy pilot shot down while defending his country. And the FRESHEST breath of air ever breathed into politics, in the form of Sarah Palin. God bless the McCains, the Palins, and the Obamas. But first, and foremost, God bless America.