Wow! The Obamabots sure didn't like that last shot across their bow, eh?

**Man, oh man. Have you ever seen a party in such a panic as the Democrats are about the GOP’s latest ad campaign, “Who is Barack Obama?” I heard one interview where an Obamabot was trying to defend him except she couldn’t even for a sentence she was so flustered.

This IS the target to keep through election day…Barack Obama himself.

Things that still bother me:

  1. Why does a seemingly healthy 47-yr. old man refuse to divulge his medical records?

**2. Why did you promise not to raise taxes, in your Illinois campaign for Senator, then raise taxes?

  1. How does the American public know that you are not, once again, making promises you know you can’t keep?

  2. In light of the economic crisis, do you still think it was a good idea to steer ACORN to strongarm loans for people who were not likely to pay them back?

  3. In the 20 years of attending Pastor Wright’s church, and courting his support and influence, you never purchased his CDs or DVDs like the rest of the congregation?

  4. Why didn’t you stick with your conviction that Pastor Wright did nothing wrong?

  5. Did Pastor Wright, who knew you for 20 years, lie when he said you’re a politician who will say whatever you need to say to win the election?

  6. In the interest of national security, do you think it would be a good idea for Presidential candidates to take a polygraph, administered by the F.B.I., and publish the results? These would be basic questions like your place of birth, relationships with enemies of the United States.

  7. Why did you say you were going to take public campaign funds, then flip-flop?

  8. What proof do you have that you warned anyone about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

Just thinking out loud…..