Three points that will pull the race closer

1. Obama promised Illinois residents he would not raise taxes, in order to win his Senate seat. Once he was elected, he raised taxes. And we currently have an economic crisis which will make it virtually impossible to lower taxes and pay off this huge debt. Lowering taxes would mean an EXTREMELY slow, Socialist-like economy. Do Americans want a fix that will take decades, and at the cost of keeping capitalism healthy? Do Americans want to deter competition, research, inventions, and ideas that have been the bullwork of our success for 100 years?

  1. Everyone is starting to get the idea that Obama was much closer to Ayers, et al, but they don’t want to accept there is anything to it. The GOP needs someone like Keith Ablow saturating the air explaining what DOES bring people together in business relationships.

  2. I would definitely show that Obama does not believe in the evils of catering to special interest groups. Even the poor can be considered a special interest group, when people lobby for them at great cost to the middle class. Helping the poor is noble and admirable. But ACORNS strong-arm tactics, under the supervision of Barack Obama, significantly contributed to the Wall Street meltdown he claims he can fix.

Good luck, John!