The mountain was never a mole hill

**A real vigorous counter-attack against our focus on Obama himself, is solid proof that this is NOT where the Obamabots want the conversation to be. Of course they want us to focus on (just) the economy because that’s where Houdini does his best work.

What is desperate, is the Democrat party choosing an African-American because they were too lazy, and lacked the confidence to EARN the black vote.

Equally true, is that this race comes down to a Reformer versus a Criticizer, because Obama’s platform is 99% criticize Bush, and 1% “create an unfounded link between Bush and John McCain.” The Democrats are selling their souls to a far-left-wing candidate to win the White House so their cronies can gourge at the trough. I see the Democrats saying, “G-damn America, let’s take over America, even if you don’t RECOGNIZE America in 4 years.”

**Sarah is really hitting her stride. I wouldn’t worry, in the least, about the predictable “desperation” talk. I see two critics of the information. Democrats, and Democrats who say they are Republicans who are disappointed in the approach. My lawn isn’t the only place where moles live.

The point that Sarah touched on today, in Florida, is that we should not be electing someone on zero days in the White House and a litany of accusations.


The public needs to realize that after the unfounded “benefits” Obama has reaped from the economy scare, they will be stuck with a far-left-wing President who will be pushing for an America you and I will not know.

Obama will tax much of middle America, wealthy Americans, and small businesses. This has such an odor of Socialism. We lead the world in technology, inventions, and Nobel laureats because our capitalism encourages and rewards excellence and pioneering. Products spawn business. Business provides jobs and trade. If you want to be told you’re going to pay less taxes on your unemployment checks, Obama’s your man. You may get the unemployment check, but don’t be disappointed if there are more taxes taken out of it.

How LONG is Obama promising tax cuts? Long enough to get sworn in?

Is there reason to believe Obama is promising something he can’t deliver? This is the man who swore he could not criticize his Pastor. Uh, until he threw him under the bus. This is a man who praised Syrian businessman Tony Rezko. Uh, until Rezko was convicted on 16 felonies for fraud and bribery. Then Obama said, “I suppose I should not have let Rezko find me a house.” That, of course, was AFTER Obama already had Rezko’s $250,000 campaign contribution.

Obama is a man who called Bill Ayers a “friend.” Oh, until he became a political liability. Since his campaign manager already called the relationship a “friendship,” his only recourse was the let’s-stay-on-the-issues rhetoric. But, it’s like pulling teeth to hear Obama say Ayers is a friend. Thank God, FOX has already made it clear that the “I was 8 years old” ploy is not going to divert people from finding out the friendship started when Obama was in his 30s.

The turning point could be an “expert” on economics who can question Obama on economic issues he has not been coached on. People believe these are actually HIS ideas. Secondly, if he’s so brilliant in economics,


Mr. Obama, if birds of a feather, don’t flock together, were the Rezko-like techniques you employed at ACORN just a coincidence?

If you weren’t influenced, negatively, by Pastor Wright, is it coincidence that you and your wife are so cynical about America?

Mr. Obama, is it true you do not share Bill Ayers disgust for America (the way it is today) yet you, and no one in your family, has ever worn an American uniform? Oh, and about your medical records? The ones you open-and-honest-with-the-American-people candidate doesn’t want to produce?

As predicted, SNL and The Times are throwing out some softball biscuits to “prove” they are impartial. NBC and AP could follow but they’ll wait until the election is over. Jesus is not Obama’s Saviour, He is his disguise. In that vein, Saturday Night Live! is not a comdedy program. It is a hard-core, left-wing, NBC program disguised as a comedy. SNL simply uses an ice-cream truck to transport explosives. I’m not fooled by it. Any program that stoops to incest “jokes” to help their candidate, will always lay low until the “need” arises again. If you don’t boycott these stations, publications, and programs, you are begging for them to decide another election in 2012.

Obama doesn’t possess character, he IS a character. I wish this had been pressed since Day One of the campaign. I knew Barack would never match McCain when it came to everything important WITHIN the respective men. I’d keep up the Obama-Ayers-Rezko-Wright-Farrakhan probe until the booths open. I wouldn’t be afraid to say that, over the 4-year term, the character of the President of the United States, is easily, THE most important issue. Ask Obama how he knows what he’ll do in 6 months, when no one knows what the global economy will look like in 6 months. Does he have Nostradamus on speed dial?

If there is something in Obama’s medical records that imply he may not be able to serve out his full term, does America want Joe Biden running the Nation?

There may be some losses attacking Obama. So be it. But it’s worth an effort since Barack Svengali Obama has them thinking he’s going to lower their taxes. But keep it up…it will sink in! Maybe some will snap out of it. Maybe the black population will realize they’ve been used. Who knows? But finally, the campaign is on the right track. My hat’s off to the campaign.