Palin's Obama-Ayers statement stopped one step short of being effective

**As some of you know, I have been having an absolute hissy fit because Obama got through a bazillion interviews without a single questioner forcing him to admit he [Obama] referred to Bill Ayers as a friend. FOX briefly pointed this out today while commented on Sarah’s latest talk. Obama has called Ayers a friend, and the word “friend” should be used at every opportunity. I wish this distinction had been made months ago, but better late than never. With every breath, use Obama’s own words. Bill Ayers is his friend.

Obama sidestepped using the “friend” label for too long. Let’s not make the same mistake with his latest ploy. The next time anyone is defending him with, “Barack was 8 years old when Ayers was setting off bombs,” SOMEBODY had better laugh out loud. That is the moment to show the remark about being 8 years old is a ruse. No one said Obama was helping Ayers build bombs. No one said Obama was in the Weatherman Underground. They will use this “8 year old” thing until the cows come home, if it’s not stopped in its tracks.

I would make it absolutely clear that Obama’s age at the time Ayers was declaring war on the United States, is an attempt to avoid a discussion surrounding the time Obama and Ayers met. It’s not about Obama as a child. It’s about Obama as an educated, grown man, in his 30s. THAT is when Obama met and befriended Ayers. THAT is significant. THAT is relevant to running for the office of President. Birds of a feather…

Barack Obama knew Bill Ayers was an unrepentant domestic terrorist. Obama accepted campaign donations from him, worked with him on numerous occasions, and had every opportunity to distance himself from Ayers, but CHOSE not to. Reportedly, they had numerous interactions outside of their working relationships. The average American feels nothing but contempt for Bill Ayers. But without reservation, Barack Obama added Bill Ayers to his list of friends.

American citizens can immediately cut through Barack Obama’s excuses, by asking themselves one question:

What man or woman, who LOVES America, befriends people who HATE America?

Show of hands. How many of you, beside Barack Obama, have received a quarter of a million dollars for your campaign from Antoin Rezko? Who here, has gotten a sweetheart deal on a house from a friend who has been convicted on several counts of fraud and bribery? How many of you attend a church that has honored an anti-Semite as their “Man Of The Year?” Who has a Pastor who preaches that you God-damn white America for unleashing AIDS on the black man? Yeah. Barack Obama loves America but has somehow, surrounded himself with people who hate the United States.

So, how do you like us now, Barack? Great job, Sarah! Give ’em hell. A lot of voters have been waiting for the McCain campaign to show some spunk.