Help John in the upcoming debate

**Some of my suggestions:

How did a wealthy young Senator, seeking the support of his Pastor, walk past Pastor Wright’s table of CDs and DVDs, week after week, year after year, without buying one?

Ask Obama how he feels about Pastor Wright’s assessment of him as “a politician who will say whatever he needs to, to get votes.”

Invite Michelle Obama to explain how she could be referring to herself, when talking about voting for someone based on appearance. Michelle Obama said, “Oh, she’s cute” [pause for laughter] Then said, “And I’m talking about myself.” Ms. Obama, could you tell us how we are supposed to believe you were referring to yourself when you aren’t running for office?

Mr. Obama, where are your medical records? Is there anything in them concerning drug treatment, or overdose?

Why is it that you avoid saying you have referred to Bill Ayers as a friend? Why do you keep referring to him as just one of the thousands of people you know?

Have you quit smoking yet?

Have you quit using cocaine?

Why do you suppose your Christian church passed over every member of its own congregation to nominate the Muslim Luis Farrakhan as their “Man Of The Year?”

Why are NBC and the print media so uninterested in the Democrats hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail?

Why are NBC and the print media not reporting that they found no negative information on Sarah Palin through their efforts in Alaska.

How do you feel about a teacher instructing students to write only negative papers about Sarah Palin?

How do you feel about American flags being replaced with African flags in support of you?

How do you feel about high school students refusing to stand for the National Anthem in support of you?

How do you feel about basketball players showing they loathe our National Anthem while expressing their support for you?

Why do you have such a problem raising our flag or wearing our flag?

What is your objection to placing your hand over your heart during the National Anthem or the Pledge of Allegiance?

How will you perform as a President if awakened at 3:00 am, when your campaign blames your gaffes, one after another, on fatigue?

Okay. Those are my contributions. Feel free to add yours.