Can a judge force Obama to produce his medical records?

**Due to the unprecedented need, which surely spills into national security, can a judge order Obama to produce his medical records?

There is testimony from several of Obama’s family members, that he was not born in the United States. There is an unprecedented motive to lie, “lose” his birth certificate, or, forge one.

Due to extenuating circumstances, I would think that our judicial system would go to extraordinary lengths to ensure we are protecting the spirit of the Constitution and the integrity of our electoral system. Surely, in light of the events, a court should be able to see a birth certificate AND any corroborating evidence.

I would think that even the Democrats would want to know if their candidate was going to be uncovered as a fraud while they still had time to rearrange the ticket, win or lose. And I would think impeachment would be a slam dunk if the evidence surfaces after the election, if he won.