Sarah cannot play it safe.

**No matter how well Sarah does in the debate, the networks in the tank, and the print media, will continue to slam her with their left wing rant. Hopefully, enough people will get the info correctly through FOX, radio, and the few publications that report on news without attempting to create it.

Sarah cannot play it safe. Ties will not put McCain ahead. Sarah has to take risks. But there are some very novel ways of winning this debate.

**Some people are already voicing the opinion, and I fully agree, that Sarah does not have to act as thought she is God’s gift to foreign policy. She is learning a lot. And she will continue to learn.

I would have her stress that Biden does not have experience as a Mayor. And that’s good experience. I would point out that Biden does not have experience as a Governor. About Biden has ever “governed” is his staff.

I’d have her stress that good experience, trumps more experience, any day. I’d have her ask who annointed experience as the Holy Grail. I would have her volunteer that she is short on experience in many areas. Like funneling money to churches, or to hospitals that promote a spouse. She lacks experience working with men who have bombed the Pentagon, or incited racism in their churches. She has no experience snorting cocaine or buying homes from racketeers. And she has no experience with men who have never worn an American uniform nor those who find it difficult to place there hand over their heart during our National Anthem.

Sarah can win over a lot of undecided voters. But she can’t play it safe. A tie will do nothing for the GOP. Better to risk a loss than to play for nothing.