American Democrat--A portrait of sleeze

**Win or lose, I have the election of 2008 to thank for opening my eyes to a party which knows no boundary of decency if it helps win an election.

Bill Ayers was the epitome of stupidity if you understand the wisdom of, “When intelligence fails, violence prevails.” He did nothing the shorten the Viet Nam war. In fact, most analysts agree he helped perpetuate it. I don’t believe he was as interested in ending the Viet Nam war as he was in using it as a vehicle to glorify the Weathermen. He was a snot-nose little coward too stupid to come up with a rational plan to end Viet Nam. So, he thought pipe bombs would bring peace?

**Saturday Night Live is the new king of spoken porn. There is no premise of decency they will not cross under the guise of humor. Ironically, we have come to a point where humor is no longer funny. I used to think the two went hand in hand. Stay tuned to SNL for hilarious skits featuring the madcap antics of the Fritz brothers, those zany bricklayers who built the ovens at Auschwitz. If you think Todd Palin’s incestuous relationship with his daughters was funny, you’ll roar over the Fritz skit, “Did you fart, or is that one of the gas chambers?” Live! From Treblinka. It’s Saturday Night!!!!!!!!

Thank God, I don’t have a kid in school. But stand by for an unprecedented increase in home schooling. I’m thinking Republicans are not going to want their children turned into Obamabots. NBC can counter Sesame Street with their fall lineup including The Stepford Kids. The schools can replace the three R’s with “Why I Hate Sarah, Abe Lincoln Was a Faggot, and Hero, Schmero, McCain is a Zero.”

N.O.W. can come out of the closet. Since it couldn’t care less for women who are not pro-choice, you should really call yourself the National Organization For Half The Women. And the rest of you people who were so passionate about women breaking the glass ceiling, please make the distinction that you are passionate for a Democratic woman to break the glass ceiling.

THIS JUST IN! Joe Biden is selling autographed snowballs. These are the very same snowballs that shot down his helicopter. Buy 2 and get a free bullet dug out of the chopper when Hillary came under sniper fire.

The 2012 GOP campaign: Sarah Palin with running mate, Dennis Miller. (just a thought)