The NBC-ABC anti-McCain Alliance

**NBC and ABC are now defending each other as to the other’s objective journalism.

Just recently, an ABC hatchet man said NBC has been reporting very objectively and has no desire to help or hinder either candidate. He continued to say NBC’s programming is also neutral in nature.

**Okay, so this B.S. artist did NOT know that The Today Show came to Michigan with a boatload of Obama material and ZERO McCain material????? Sure.

This same spin doctor does not watch Saturday Night Live? Does this guy send in his stories from his closet? Where are the SNL skits showing Obama hunched over a coffee table snorting cocaine?

Never in my lifetime have I seen the networks more biased toward a candidate. Even FOX has to “damn” the Tina Fey SNL skits by showing clips of them. Over, and over, and over. Yeah FOX, that’s really helping the Conservative viewpoint.

Boycott NBC. Boycott ABC. After the election is all but over, THEN you’ll see them making some rational statements. Watch for it. Take it to the bank.