How Obama's gift of gab can be used to make him look silly

**I have heard John McCain say, several times, that he warned us about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac years ago. I believed him. But, I must confess. It went in one ear, and AROUND my brain, before exiting the other ear. I hear it, and knew it. But it just didn’t register.

This morning though, I had an entirely different reaction to the same statement. Megyn Kelly, of FOX News, was reading a McCain statement in which he was warning Congress about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The difference between the two deliveries was the proverbial night and day. But it wasn’t because of the speakers, in either event. The difference was that Megyn Kelly’s spot had exponentially more impact.

Now Megyn Kelly is arguably the most beautiful woman ever put on a television screen. But the REAL beauty was in the nuances. So, McCain campaign, listen very carefully:

  1. She HELD something. It was a piece of 8 1/2″ x 11″ white paper.


  3. She read the DATE the message was written.

  4. And, of course, she read the AUTHOR and the CONTENT.

Somebody…please! From now until election day, at every opportunity, have John and Sarah READ actual documents and messages from John. Hold it up to the camera. Hand Katie Couric a copy. Get HER to read the memos. Get ANY interviewer reading the messages. You’ve got 90% of the undecided trying to determine who they believe. Simply saying, “I did this,” or “I said that,” sounds self-serving, to doubters. SHOW people the memos!!!!!

If nothing else, we can show John McCain standing next to a 6′ pile of memos he wrote while trying to avoid the crisis. Barack Obama can stand next to his 6′ pile of manure. Mr. Hindsight “says” he’s warned everyone about every disaster since the Great Flood. If given the opportunity, His Highness will swear he sent a message warning Pearl Harbor about some Japanese planes heading their way.

But what can Barack Obama PRODUCE?

Obama is such a skilled bullshit artist, John ends up on the short end of the stick by sticking to the truth. But let’s put you on a jury. As is so often the case, you’re listening to both sides contradicting each other for weeks on end. What do you do when you’re handed the case? You use EVIDENCE. You use EVIDENCE to help decide the case. More importantly than deciding the case, EVIDENCE allows you to go back and decide whose testimony you could believe. You then decide the matter on TESTIMONY and EVIDENCE.

John should construct his case for being President on EVIDENCE. Especially when up against somone virtually “gifted” in making people believe the Yugo they just bought is a 40′ Vagabond motor home.

I leave you with a large sign I saw taped across the entire tail gate of a pickup truck last night:


Okay McCain campaign…EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE, EVIDENCE!!!!! And we’ll see if Barack Obama can come up with anything to put on the table besides his dry cleaning stubs. How about some medical records, Mr. Obama?