The Obama smoking gun

**When Obama was running against Hillary for the nomination, he was REAL upset when she would not release her income tax information. The Obama campaign was licking their chops, hoping for something in those records they could use to tear Hillary apart.

For a guy who made such a big stink about Hillary having something to hide, he isn’t real forthcoming on his own medical records. So, what is Obama hiding?

**I look to his own campaign for the answers. He doesn’t laud John McCain for facing and beating Cancer, Obama dips his smear brush into it to paint one of his patented sleeze ads. The only reason Obama wanted the McCain medical records, was to present John as frail and sickly.

If the Obama campaign isn’t releasing Obama’s medical records, you can bet the farm it’s because they contain (or used to contain) something that would be a major roadblock to his campaign.

If there is a police report concerning the dispatch of an ambulance, the problem might have been a drug overdose. The problem might be that he was treated for nosebleeds. People notoriously water down the extent of their drug use. Is there evidence in his medical records, of intravenous drug use? Is there a chronic medical problem that would make him appear frail and sickly?

My money is on a medical condition, emergency, or treatment program related to drug use. Not because I’m trying to roll in the gutter with the Obama campaign. It’s just that it seems the most likely “fit.” When a man in his 40s does everything to keep his medical records secret, after the production he made over Hillary’s tax records, something smells bad in Obamaland.

I also base my supposition on a fact noted earlier, that drug users lie to everyone, including themselves. Typically, their drug use is exponentially more extensive in drug type, frequency, and duration, than they divulge.

Obama knew that his life would be examined when he ran for President. He knew people would come forward for book deals, interviews, or big checks from the tabloids. So, he began damage control before the damage. After all, the first rule of damage control is that YOU are the one who lets the cat out of the bag. Then you can call it a “mistake” instead of what it really is, a very bad “decision.” If you want to run the country, there’s not much of a future in showing the people you’re a mental midget when it comes to good decisions.

Admitting drug abuse gave Obama the aura of honesty, if nothing else. Then, he has carte blanche to water down the scope of his drug use. Believers continue to believe. But most of all, when you act as though you’ve bared your soul, people tend to lose interest in digging for more. That’s why people “admit” stuff in books. Stuff they don’t want you digging into.

Barack Obama might be our next President. But it won’t be based on what he is. It will be largely thanks to what he hides. When a man tells this many lies, and hides this much truth, his church-going was a sham.

Jesus is not his Saviour, Jesus is his disguise.