John McCain ignores the middle class

**Yes, you can clearly see John McCain ignores the middle class. That is, “if” you make an idiot look like a genius.

Here’s another one of my T.V. ads the GOP should run:

According to His Highness, Barack Obama, if you say you love your kids, you don’t really love them. Otherwise, you would say you love Susan, and Nicole, and Thomas, not your kids or children. Mr. Obama has issued an edict, that if you don’t name your kids, you don’t love them. And if you don’t use the words, “middle class,” you can’t possible be talking about the middle class.

**We at Sanity Central know Barack Obama is now after the people who couldn’t smell a turd if it was lying on their pillow. We have now confirmed that Barack Obama believes you are stupid. So stupid, in fact, that you do not realize John McCain the middle class is included in “Americans.”

Gosh, I muzt be stoopid two. I think that when John McCain says he wants to protect small business, he wants to protect the millions of “middle class” people who work in them. I so dumb, when John McCain says he wants to stop the abuse on Wall Street, that it will help “middle class” Americans. And I’m thinking that when John McCain said, “I’ll wait my turn,” that his love wasn’t just for the lower and upper classes of America.

Barack Obama must have holes in his pockets. You only have the time to think of stuff this stupid when you’re playing a lot of pocket pool. But who’s surprised. This is the same political party that gave us, “What is, is?”