"All that is needed for evil to exist is for Republicans to do nothing"

**It wasn’t going to be pretty no matter how it came out. So, let’s all take a deep breath and look at the silver lining. Their one trick pony has lost a shoe. Obama has lost a lot of his ability to spread fear, if you think about it. He was riding on the sense of urgency over the economy. Bad deal or not, he can’t scare as many people as he did. The problem is as big as ever. But the sense of urgency is far less. He will continue to ride the unfounded perception that he is better on the economy, but not as tall in the saddle.

People know they’re in trouble when the Nation is in trouble. When you’re surrounded by gang members on the street, you want the biggest, nastiest cop to show up. But the Republicans keep dispatching my grandmother in her Candy Striper uniform. Then I get beat up.

**NBC has been begging for a boycott and I say we oblige them. And I wouldn’t ignore CNBC and MSNBC. Someone from the campaign needs to file a legal action to get all of the computers at work “uncensored.” And if leaving the country a better place for your kids is important to you, then surely you can do without NBC, Saturday Night Live, and MSNBC bookmarks. If I can abandon my (previously) favorite program, “30 Rock,” so can you. As soon as I figure out how to block the channel, I will. I have no use for it anyway.

The “Today” show was up here in Michigan. They had a boat load of Obama pins, signs, etc. We asked, “Where’s the McCain-Palin stuff?” I’ll never forget the disgusted look Al Roker gave me. In the tank? Hell, I think the Today show staff is on the payroll at Obama Central.

NBC went into the tank for Obama. Not just the news, but the programming. Where’s the SNL skit with the phone ringing in the White House at 3:00 a.m. while Obama is snorting cocaine off his nightstand? I don’t think it’s funny. In fact, I find it tragic that a “news” station has gone to such great lengths to decide an election.

So, I have started the boycott and you’re welcome to join in. I have sent over 200 friends and family a request to boycott NBC, NBC programs, MSNBC, Chevy Chase, Johnny Depp, and several others. Several have returned my e-mail telling me they were ahead of me on the curve and had a list longer than mine. And keep an eye on the teachers trying to tell your kids how to think.

Okay, Sarah, here’s how you’ll beat Biden. If ever I saw a “smile on a snake,” Biden is the last guy I’d consider to sell me a used car. So that’s in your favor.

As to you being ready to be President. You look fine not knowing EVERYTHING. I’d just hammer home that you’ll be ready by January. And I would take every opportunity to remind the public that only good “experience” is of any value to them. If you’re thirsty, a glass of water beats a tanker truck full of sludge any day. Lastly, remember 90% of the Democrats would love to say how much they like you. It’s just that the Democrats do NOT appreciate free thinkers, so they have to keep it to themselves. If you are nothing but BRAVE, the world will love your debate.