The one trick pony shoots his wad

**It seems to me that any resolution to the economic crisis spells doom for His Excellency. What does Obama do now that his only horse is dying?

There is no doubt that it is going to take a very long time to recoup the money we put up for the bailout. But Obama’s big (and unfounded) advantage of being perceived as being better on the economy, will begin to decay in its importance. Home security could quickly recapture the interest of Americans as their #1 concern.

Look for Obama, of course, to keep fueling the panic over the economy as much as his campaign can. When it comes to the next economy discussions, the emphasis will logically shift (with Obama fighting the shift) to how the next President will manage the recovery. If the GOP strategists play this right, it could be the final lead change in the race, with McCain being the final leader. Obama is a one trick pony whose only possibility to survive is to keep economic doom at the forefront of the debates. He knows that if the American public views the economy as being under control, he’s toast.

Here is a great idea for the recovery. You cannot read part of it as it all gets pulled together in the last few pages. But someone in the McCain camp needs to give some attention to this web site. It’s a helluva an idea. As a bonus, the author was a supporter of Hillary. And he doesn’t care for Obama.

For one of the best ideas you’ll ever read, go to: www.icanfixamerica.com