The McCain-"McPalin" Ticket

**This is not the theme of my comment, but please…let me get this out of my system:


Two and a half centuries ago, a young Nathan Hale said, “I regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” To this day, I get goosebumps when I read that quote. No one will ever top Nathan Hale, but one man came close. It was a young Navy pilot, an American P.O.W. in Viet Nam, who said, “I’ll wait my turn.”

As a polar opposite of John McCain in this respect, Barack Obama found it hard to wear a lapel pin flag, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or put his hand over his heart during the playing of our National Anthem. Although he wants to be my President, Barack Obama would not pass a background investigation to be my mailman, LITERALLY. This is a man who made, not a mistake, but a DECISION to hunch over a coffee table and snort cocaine. And I’m supposed to let him make decisions for me?

Obama is a man who PLEDGED to take public funds to show his support of campaign reform, then went back on his word to have a better chance at the Presidency. He is a man who constantly “waters down” his relationship to Bill Avery as “one of the thousands of people I know.” He is making every effort to keep the majority of Americans from knowing that he often referred to Bill Avery as a “friend.”

Obama’s own Pastor was right when he said, “He’s a politician. He’ll say whatever he needs to, to get elected.” Obama tried, valiantly, to get people to believe he didn’t know the hostile teachings of his Pastor of 20 years. Even though, he walked past the table of Pastor Wright’s CDs and DVDs in the church lobby.

You could almost “see” him bite his lip as he explained that the “lipstick” comment was a slip, even though he waited for the laughter. And if he wasn’t “aware” of what he said, given how widely reported Mrs. Palin’s quote was, then he is the one who is “out of touch.” Add in all the dumb things he’s said that his campaign blames on campaign fatigue, and I sure don’t want him talking to Putin when he’s tired!

Barack Obama makes a lot of eloquent noise about lobbyists. But he is his own lobbyist when he funnels money to Pastor Wright’s church to buy the black community. He doesn’t mind steering money to the hospital that promoted his wife. He doesn’t mind getting in bed with Antoine Rezko to get a good “deal” on a house.

America is predominantly white. Most white people would probably say they relate to white people better than non-whites. Just as blacks would logically follow suit. The Obamas act as though it is a black person’s “turn” to be President. Their campaign is even trying to scare people with the veiled threat of a national race riot if Obama isn’t elected. But quickly, name one sovereign black nation which has elected a white President or Prime Minister.

I don’t care if the next 50 Presidents are yellow Mongolian midgets, if they’re the best men/women for the job. I’d have no problem, whatsoever, voting for a black man, if, he was also the BEST man for the job. Frankly, I find the hoopla over a first black President, to be somewhat amusing. Because I don’t find it to be much of a stretch. A “stretch” for the Democratic party would have been Hillary. And if you want poetry, then look for an American Indian for President.

I urge any voter reading this to look at the nuances of the Obama campaign. Look how they complain about McCain ads, then creatively crop and edit film to completely distort what John or Sarah said. Choose McCain over Cocaine. As volatile as the world is, no one KNOWS who’s ideas will work. But you DO know the character of a patriot when you see it. Don’t you? If you’re a Democrat, keep in mind that the greater good is not your party, it’s your country. And you know that changing the television show, “The West Wing” into “The Left Wing,” is not what American has EVER been about. It’s not about people who want to bring about change with pipe bombs. And it’s not about people sitting around asking “What is, is?”

John McCain aligned himself with the President 90% of the time? Here’s a quiz. How many times has Barack Obama bucked his party?

God bless this incredibly noble Nation, and every single American in it…even those who have just become “proud of America for the first time.”

I have one last thing to say. Well, to say in this comment. I lean toward being Pro-Choice although I fully respect the both sides of this moral and legal argument. I’m a man who has tremendous respect for women like Ferraro, and that breath of fresh air we call Sarah Palin. But I have to thank the 2008 campaign for making it VERY clear that the National Organization for Women is officially out of the closet as the “National Organization for Pro-Choice Women Only.” In return for being duped all these years, N.O.W. has my solemn pledge that the large checks I’ve been sending have come to an end. I don’t want to hear it. Your attacks on Sarah Palin have been nothing short of vulgar.

I wish I had said it first. All I can say now, is, “I too regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Who said that? Well, it sure wasn’t Barack Obama.

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