Bush Administration Wastes Billions On Deep Space Probe

**In these tough economic times it is discouraging to find the Bush Administration wasting money on space exploration. I’m speaking of the deep space probe that was sent out to explore our galaxy last year.

So now all the data is in. Photos of all the other planets and stars. Air samples, soil samples, and pictures of rocks. Billions of data samples streaming back to earth. Yada-yada.

What really got me was this. A huge team of NASA scientists poured over the data and photos for months. This had to cost a bundle. Now I admire NASA deep space exploration as much as the next person. What I object to is these missions which have almost no chance of success and probably will only confirm what we already know. This is especially true of the last deep space probe.

Our government spent billions of dollars, on one space mission, to search our solar system to answer a single question. And, an unnecessary question at that. After all, we already knew that the biggest ass this side of the Milky Way is Keith Olbermann.

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