Why is McCain giving up on Michigan?

Why is John McCain giving up on Michigan? A state that needs Republican leadership the most? Reports today said that the McCain campaign is reducing the staff here, sending people elsewhere, and pulling commercials. Presidential elections in most recent years have been lost here to Democrats by a very small margin. The vast majority of counties in Michigan vote Republican, with one county that sways the vote: Wayne County, which encompasses Detroit. It is the one area that paints the state blue, and in many regards, the worst area in the state. It is fraught with crime, unemployment, and at this point in time, major political scandal which has forced the mayor to resign and will probably result in his spending time in prison. What better time to step in and show them how things need to be done?
We have a second term Democratic governor who has handed us nothing but higher taxes, lower wages over the last eight years, and has given us the honor of being one of (if not THE) most unemployed state in the nation.
Clearly, Democratic policies are not working here…it is time to make the message stronger, not run away. Republicans here are going to feel abandoned, and that is not going to encourage anyone to go vote.
John McCain has more experience and knowledge in his little finger than Barack Obama, and yet McCain is slipping in the polls. A fantastic liberal media bias does nothing to help, but it is McCain and his campaign staff that need to get out the message- Barack Obama will do for the nation what Governor Granholm has done for Michigan- run it into the ground!Why with all of the knowledge and experience McCain has is he not touting his superiority to the Democratic candidate? This should be a hands down win for him, and its slipping away.