The Real Frustration

I submit that the true frustration that constituents are feeling is the lack of interested communication at the congressional level.  When was the last time that you got a response other than the canned letter from a representative?  How many of you saw the video of the lady in CA that told her Congresswoman that she can chose from all of 6 insurance companies?  Did you know that her representative did not even answer, but moved on to the next question?

Polls showed that we didn’t want the stimulus, we got it, polls showed that we did not want Cap & Tax, and it passed the House, polls show that America does not want a complete overhaul of the health care industry, yet it continues to be pushed.

When did we leave the representative government, and go to the oligarchy?  Some will argue that it has been this way for a while, but I think it has really only been the last 15 years, when MoveOn and Soros got involved.