Not being able to read a bill

Legislation, not just from our National Legislators, but in our State Governments, and to a lesser extent, local legislation, is completely incomprehensible.  John Conyers admitted it himself.

Why is this any more acceptable than not reading it at all?  What is the point in writing legislation that references HR1326 article 3 subsection 2, which references HR 985 article 1 subsection 10?  (Hypothetical example).

If this is a gov’t of the people, by the people, for the people, then why can’t the people be allowed to understand what is being written to govern them?

Would a lot of our arguments and “misinformation” not be cleared up if the bill could just say, we will cover anyone with an income that is 4x poverty level, adjusted for inflation, figured as of Jan 1, every year?

If the people that we elect say that they cannot even understand what is being legislated, then why are we electing them?  Shouldn’t we elect people that can read and understand what is being written?

Here is the big question, if our legislators do not know what they are “writing” and voting for….who is really writing these bills and telling them what is in it?  Is Cass Sunstein writing the legislation so that no one can possibly tell if there is a death panel in healthcare until it is too late?

There are too many examples of legislators claiming not to know the law (Geitner, Rangle for starters) for this to be able to continue.

I submit that this is no longer a gov’t OF THE PEOPLE.  It is a gov’t of the elite, regardless of party, and that all of them (with an couple of exceptions) believe that they know better than we do and will do what they want, not what we want.