In Massachusetts, voters' discontent threatens Democrats

A special election Tuesday to fill the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s seat has turned into a closer contest than expected, as disaffected party members and independents lean toward the Republican conte

By James Oliphant

January 17, 2010

Reporting from Boston

Steve Giosi and Liam Foley have been known to tip back a few pints on adjacent stools at the Galway House in this city’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. But on Tuesday, they’ll part ways — at least politically.

“I’m leaning toward him,” Giosi said one recent afternoon, nodding at the TV screen, which had been playing a seemingly continuous loop of ads both promoting and denigrating Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown.

“I’m a Democrat. I always have been,” said Foley, 55; to demonstrate his sense of loyalty, he pointed to his Tiger Woods cap. “I’m voting for Martha Coakley. I think she’s good.”

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