Obama and Accountability

I watched the Bill O’Reilly interview very early this morning. (Face it folks this might be as close to hard questions as Obama gets during this campaign).

I am left with one question:

How does a man with so few accomplishments know anything about accountability?

The Frank Lutz focus group in St. Paul used the word accountability many times. Yet when asked what is accountability none could define it.

Now I define political accountability as responsibility for results.

Obama spoke that he would keep Iran and Pakistan accountable — yet again I ask.

How can a man of so few accomplishments know anything about accountability?

It appears to me that Obama moves on to the next stage before ever achieving any accomplishments. He has never held himself accountable for his own lack of results.

Community Organizer — yet no visible accomplishments Harvard Law Review Editor — yet no legal scholarly work of his ownState Senate — no major legislation work of his ownU.S. Senate — again no major pieces of legislation

What has Obama done that he can now speak so boldly about holding others accountable?