Palin's Experience Answer

Maybe it has been said before so forgive me for repeating. After a weekend of hearing from the left that Governor Palin does not have foreign policy experience. (I dispute this premise but will go along for the sake of argument). The left is in a frenzy over how McCain could pick as the person a couple of heart beats away from the Presidency someone without any foreign policy experience. Now McCain has foreign policy experience in spades, so the McCain ticket did not need to add foreign policy experience to be a complete ticket. So this only becomes an issue if Sarah Palin rises to the position of POTUS through some unfortunate circumstance.

So if this event does come to pass, President Palin can solve her shortcoming the same way Obama has. She can ask Joe Biden or any other 35 year Senator who sits on foreign relations committees to serve her administration. After all Palin does have a record of working across political parties and naming Democrats and Independents to her administration.