Henry County, GA Airport Expansion to be solidified this week: Last chance for Mathis & Westmoreland (R-GA3) to pay off donors

Cross posted at Proof of Right.  Although this is a local issue where I live, I’m posting this in my diary here at RedState to highlight the actions of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland.

This Tuesday, December 4th at 9:00 a.m. the lame duck Henry County, GA Board of Commissioners will vote to lock in nearly $6 million in funding along with an engineering contract that will shove the expansion of Tara Field Airport down our throats once and for all.

Of course, this flies in the face of the opposition the citizen’s voiced on the matter when they replaced three of the elected officials, including Chairman BJ Mathis, who voted to buy the airport without our consent in the first place . To be clear, this 1000’ runway extension will suck the taxpayers dry and disrupt the lives of everyone who lives north and east of the airport. In fact, the only ones who stand to benefit are the individuals who own land adjacent to the airport.

I have maintained from the very beginning that the only reason Henry County purchased Tara Field Airport was so that BJ Mathis could finally grant Big 5 Enterprises their long sought after Through The Fence (TTF) agreement so they could gain access to the airport from their property. Clayton County and the FAA had both denied that access to Big 5 who even took the matter to court and lost… twice.

You’ll remember it was Congressman Lynn Westmoreland who was instrumental in getting the FAA to cough up $15 million toward the purchase of the airport from Clayton County. It wasn’t until the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) recently posted on their website the long term plan for the airport expansion that it became clear that Westmoreland was just as guilty for saddling this fiscal burden on to the backs of the Henry County taxpayers as a reward to his own donors.

Of significance in the GDOT document are these two items:




Before we go on, I think it’s worth noting the GDOT cost per acre estimates for these tracts. The 66 acre tract ends up being about $78K per acre, which is insane for Henry County, I don’t care who you are. And the second one is absolutely criminal if they are expecting to spend nearly $7 million for a 13 acres. Seriously? Is that a typo?

As it turns out, the only one who owns a 66 acre tract adjacent to the airport is Tara Field Development, LLC which happens to be owned by William Douglas Walker formerly of Walker Concrete.

And the only people seeking a Through The Fence agreement is Big 5 Enterprises, LLC owned in part by Dr. Jeffery Curtis, owner of The Doctor’s Office medical practice; and Danny Wisner, owner of Atlanta Arms & Ammo. And of course, accused child molester Billy Abbate is a former owner and managing partner of Big 5 Enterprises.TaraDevelopmentLLC66acres

Chairman BJ Mathis has taken $8,150 in campaign contributions from the owners of these two properties and their immediate families:

Congressman Lynn Westmoreland has taken at least $46,050 in campaign Contributions from the owners of these two properties and their immediate families:

$300 12/30/2003 Jo Ana Walker
$2000 6/9/2004 Harold Walker
$1000 7/26/2004 Bernard Walker
$1000 7/29/2004 Jo Ana Walker
$2000 8/4/2004 Doug Walker
$2000 8/4/2004 Debra Walker
$1500 10/12/2004 Doug Walker
$2000 3/11/2005 Harold Walker
$2500 3/25/2005 Doug Walker
$300 6/28/2005 Jo Ana Walker
$1700 6/28/2005 Doug Walker
$100 6/30/2005 Harold Walker
$1000 11/4/2005 Jo Ana Walker
$300 5/30/2006 Jo Ana Walker
$1700 5/30/2006 William Walker
$1000 9/25/2006 Bernard Walker
$1000 9/25/2006 Jo Ana Walker
$1000 9/25/2006 Sue Walker
$250 9/16/2008 Bernard Walker
$2300 9/30/2008 William Walker
$2300 9/30/2008 Debra Walker
$1000 6/30/2009 William Walker
$1400 9/30/2009 William Walker
$2400 9/30/2009 William Walker
$1000 9/30/2009 Debra Walker
$1000 3/1/2010 Debra Walker
$1400 3/1/2010 Debra Walker
$2500 3/31/2012 William Walker
$2500 3/31/2012 William Walker
$1000 6/28/2005 Karen Curtis
$2100 9/25/2006 Karen Curtis
$1000 9/15/2008 Karen Curtis
$1000 3/31/2010 Karen Curtis
$500 10/21/2010 Karen Curtis


Westmoreland also took $4,000 in campaign contributions from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Political Action Committee, to which William Walker has donated $1825.

So, here’s how I predict this is going to play out. The resolutions that will be voted on this Tuesday deal strictly with contracting and funding for the runway and taxiway extensions. But there is also an Executive Session on the meeting agenda, as well.

Because we’ve seen over and over again how The Most Corrupt Chairman Eveh™ operates, Mathis will come out of Executive Session and hold a vote to purchase the 66 acre tract from William Douglas Walker. This will satisfy, not only her own crony payback, but Lynn Westmoreland’s, too.

Then, she will hold another vote that will either purchase whatever property is necessary to issue a Through The Fence agreement with Big 5, or it will issue them some sort of lease agreement that will grant them the TTF access. This action would then complete the crony donor payback to the Big 5 owners, again for both Mathis and Westmoreland.

Mark. My. Words.

Big 5 will go on to finally develop their property and makes millions and millions of dollars all because you and I bought them a shiny new airport for them to exploit.

Doug Walker will have gotten a tidy little return on his campaign investment to Lynn Westmoreland and will probably go on to make another handsome donation to his campaign.

Here’s hoping he’ll need it.