VIDEO: "We will have socialized medicine in this country if we don't fight now." (Update: Video embedded)

You may have already read Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s post on her efforts with Rep. Steve King to urge members of Congress to defund the appropriations that already exist in Obamacare.

I was so inspired when I heard them both on the Mark Levin Show last Thursday night talking about this that I made a video to help illustrate the hypocrisy of the GOP leadership and the members of the Rules Committee. So, I dug up videos from the last year of each of them proclaiming their disdain for this bill. Here it is in a montage along with Rep’s. Bachmann and King and, of course, The Great One – Levin.

Callyour Representatives on Monday and tell them to support Bachmann and King by voting No this Wednesday on the Continuing Resolution if it does not contain language to defund Obamacare.