Things I never knew about Maxine Waters (that everyone should know)



Republican candidate Bruce Brown is running against Maxine Waters in California’s 35th District. He has a  document dump on his campaign website outlining much of her corrupt ties. Since I despise socialists I decided to do some digging of my own on Maxine. Up until now I only knew that she was a socialist and that she was being investigated for her role in securing TARP funds for her husband’s bank. What has become clear to me now is that the Lame Stream Media ™ is intentionally ignoring reporting on her because if the average citizen knew the details of her actions and relationships there would be a national movement to unseat her.

There is so much more to this woman than OneUnited scandal. She is a very vocal supporter of corrupt ousted Haitian dictator and Black Liberation Theologist Jean-Bertrand Aristide, She is also closely tied to the organization TransAfrica Forum run by socialist sympathizer Randall Robinson and communist Danny Glover.

I doubt we will ever know the extent of her (and her husband’s) corruption but the picture that is painted when one takes a closer look seems almost treasonous. She clearly believes her constituency to be every African descendant in the Western Hemisphere and not the citizens of the California 35th Congressional District. I have no smoking gun here but it is past time for Maxine Waters actions and allegiances to be more commonly understood. I hope that this brief expose will help educate people on a Congressional Representative whose priorities,I believe, are questionable at best.


My Research on Maxine Waters

Randall Robinsonis the executive director and founder of the organization TransAfrica, which helped to spearhead the movement to influence U.S. policies toward Africa and the Caribbean and helped to lead the fight against apartheid in South Africa. Go here for a lengthy insight into his beliefs from a speech he gave on his book “The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks”. He is also a Cuban sympathizer according to this reprinted article from Maoist International Movement.

From TransAfrica ForumMySpacepage:

“TransAfrica Forum is the oldest and largest African American human rights and social justice advocacy organization promoting diversity and equity in the foreign policy arena and justice for the African World.”

Known Communist Danny Glover is Chairman of the Board of TransAfrica Forum. Glover says the primary goal of the organization “is to promote progressive U.S. policy towards Africa and Diaspora, including the 150 million Afro-descendants who are citizens of countries throughout this hemisphere.”

Robinson’s relationship with Maxine Waters began during the period when she was in the California State Assembly when she was a board member of TransAfrica. She authored legislation divesting California state pension funds from companies doing business with South Africa.

Robinson is also a close personal friend of ousted Haitian dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide . When Aristide was ousted in 2004, Maxine Waters and Randall Robinson were both in the helicopter with him and on the tarmac when his plane arrived in South Africa.

Sidney Williams, husband of Rep. Maxine Waters, was the U.S. Ambassador to the Bahamas from 1994-1998 appointed by Bill Clinton. Many believe the only reason he got the job was because he is Waters husband. Prior to it he was a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Hollywood and an NFL football player. Information on his time and duties as Ambassador appears virtually non-existent on the interenet but a good outline of Bahamas foreign relations, which is significant with the U.S., can be found here.

Williams also sat on the board of directors of OneUnited Bank, which is the focus of the current ethics investigation on Waters because she and Barney Frank were allegedly responsible for TARP funds being directed to OneUnited.

Waters current CA-35 Republican opponent Bruce Brown says that there is confirmation of Aristide accounts in OneUnited Bank going back to its predecessors” but he cites a Seattle Times article that refers to one of Aristides Generals having an account the Bank of Boston. However, the predecessor of OneUnited was Boston Bank of Commerce so Brown’s allegation needs further scrutiny.

Blogger JoAnneMor has excellent recent exhaustiveresearchon Maxine Waters corruption regarding OneUnited and her ties to Haiti dictator Aristade which is definitely worth reading. She provides links to all of her research, including the portions of articles of which I’ve included at the bottom to give you some background on Aristide’s corruption.Basically he set up set up many shell companies in the US and all over the world to plunder his own country, the most significant one being used to rob Haiti’s telecom industry of its profits via a New Jersey company called IDT, where suits and corruption cases are now pending.

In an article from the socialist/communist Workers World magazine, Maxine Waters at a Wayne State University Law School Auditorium gave a keynote speech on April 8, 2004 called for the return of ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to the Caribbean nation of Haiti saying “”Let me make it clear. I support President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and the people of Haiti”.

Haiti has elections upcoming on November 28, 2010. Maxine Waters sent a letter to Sec. of State Clinton stating the U.S. should not provide funding for elections that do not “include all eligible political parties and ready access to voting for all Haitians, including the displaced.” Aristide is still active in Haiti politics and is head of the Laval movement that is excluded from the ballot. Waters also sent a similar letter in 2009 to Haiti’s President Preval, which, as JoAnneMor blog points out, may be in violation of the Logan Act which prevents unauthorized US citizen from conducting foreign relations without authority.

Waters introduced “Stop VULTURE Funds Act” (H.R. 2932) which would prevent vulture funds from making excessive profits off of debt cancellation of poor countries. In 2007 her comrade Danny Glover gave congressional testimony regarding vulture funds, and you can read more about TransAfrica’s campaign against it here where they say, in part: “Poor countries that are eligible for debt cancellation are especially vulnerable to Vulture Funds, as the companies often track the debt relief process and then sue a poor country after it has received a windfall of resources thanks to debt cancellation.”

Waters has also called for complete cancellation of all of Haiti’s debt when she introduced the “Debt Relief for Earthquake Recovery in Haiti Act of 2010” (H.R. 4573).

Additional sources regarding Aristide corruption:

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Aristide Embezzled $76 Million Financial Inquiry Central Unit (UCREF), anti-corruption agency, on Caribbean Media Corp., 2005-11-07 Haiti Democracy Project web page item #3311

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A Lingering Problem for IDT — CEO admits company official met with Aristide on contract – Former employee alleges bribe payment to Haiti’s Aristide; company denies allegation. By Lucy Komisar, Barron’s, Sept 20, 2010