Nathan Deal's Record (R-Cand GA Gov): NOT a True Conservative (UPDATED)

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Nathan Deal’s sound bite lately is that he is the “True Conservative” in the Georgia Republican race for Governor. A close look at his record in Congress says otherwise.

On April 10, 1995 Nathan Deal switched from the Democrat party to the Republican Party citing his fiscal conservatism and desire for limited government. Then Nathan Deal participated in the largest era ever of Republican drunken spending and expansion of government.

In 2001 he voted for $26.5 Billion for the “No Child Left Behind Act”.

In 2002 he voted for $100 Billion in farm subsidies (HR2646), another $16.6 Billion on welfare programs (HR4737), and another $350 Billion on Medicare Part D.

In 2007, he voted for $23 Billion for the “Head Start Program” and he voted for another expansion of Medicare (HR6331).

Nathan Deal puts his own interests ahead of yours. According to the U.S. House Office of Congressional Ethics, Deal attempted to interfere with the Georgia Dept. of Revenue as they considered revising the inspection program for salvage vehicles. Deal is joint owner of Gainesville Salvage & Disposal and participated in the Salvage Inspection Program from 1990 to August 2009.

His reasons, he says, for doing so is that using private inspectors would lead to unsafe vehicles on our roads. However, the DoR Commissioner asserts the inspector’s only role was to grant titles to salvaged cars “with a limited examination of the physical vehicle itself, to make proper title assessments” thus; their position was named ‘Salvage Title Inspectors’. This makes Deal’s excuse implausible.

In short, the DoR attempted to reduce the size and cost to the taxpayer and Rep. Deal sought to stop it. Although Deal was later cleared of violating any House ethics rules, the incident clearly reeks of impropriety and shows his lack of commitment to reducing the size of government.

In yet another ethics investigation Deal allegedly used gubernatorial campaign funds to pay more than $19,000 in legal fees for the above mentioned investigation. Certainly his contributors expected their donations would actually be used for his campaign, not to mention that not doing so is illegal.

Nathan Deal’s final selfish act was to announce resigning from his Congressional seat effective March 8, 2010 to focus on the Governor’s race (and in all likelihood to avoid the above mentioned ethics investigation). He didn’t seem to care he’d be giving up a vote against the massive health care legislation just two weeks later. At the time, every vote counted and it remained a tight race right up until the day of the vote when Bart Stupak and his ilk caved. Of course, Deal delayed his resignation but not without being inundated with calls from all over America asking him to stay and vote no on health care.

Nathan Deal proudly touts his Georgia Right To Life endorsement now, but just to set the records straight, he wasn’t always Pro-Life. In 1993 he voted for an Abortion Counseling Bill (HR 670) that provided over $500 million dollars in grants to family planning organizations including Planned Parenthood.

Nathan Deal’s record clearly shows he is certainly not a “True Conservative” so don’t expect that, as Governor of Georgia, he would do things any differently, namely spending your money and increasing the size of government.

(UPDATE): Apparently I’m ot the only one making the argument that Nathan Deal is not a true conservative. From this July 25th Washington Examiner article :

After attacking Handel’s abortion record, Deal is facing questions of his own 1993 vote as a Democrat in Congress to authorize $500 million in funding for Planned Parenthood.

University of Georgia political science professor Charles Bullock said Deal’s 17-year-old vote weakens his argument that he’s the only true conservative. “Nathan”s out there saying there are chinks in my opponent’s armor, well look, now there’s a chink in his armor as well,” Bullock said.

(Emphasis mine.)