Tea Party Patriots Saturday Surge on DC (Updated)

Tea Party Patriots is already in the process of planning another surge on Capitol Hill this Saturday called Operation Urgent Care. The tentative plans to meet Saturday March 20th at 10am at the East Lawn of the Capitol (East Capitol Circle, same side of the Capitol as the Supreme Court Building).

. From their email today:

“Many people are emailing us requesting we be available in DC on Saturday, March 20.  For that reason we will be back in DC on Capitol Hill Saturday, March 20 at 10:00 am, we are asking for those who can come to DC, to come back. We will have a brief rally and then divide up to go walk the halls of Congress.  Before the House vote on government takeover of health care in November, there are lots of government health care advocates walking the halls of Congress keeping track of how the Congressmen would vote. We are asking you to do the same. You are the ordinary citizen not a lobbyist or other special interest. They are elected to represent you.  They need to be reminded one last time who you are and why you do not want this bill to pass.”

So far I haven’t seen anything on their official website yet but more details are expected tomorrow and they do have a website set up where you can RSVP for Saturday.

This weekend may be our last chance to have our voices heard and I believe it’s crucial that every able body that can get to DC on Saturday should try and do so. Can you imagine if 100,000 people or more showed up the impact it would have on the vote, which will likely be on Sunday?

I’m planning on leaving Georgia Friday after work and driving back immediately on Saturday afternoon. It will be a long, tiresome, 10 hour drive and I will spend money that I really can’t afford. But, my 5th great grandfather, William Cotanch of Sussex County, NJ, fought in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and spent that horrible winter with the American Army at Valley Forge, so I figure I’ve got it easy compared to him.

I hope at least of few other Patriots will consider making this one last sacrifice to try and stop this takeover.


Via The Other McCain Featured speakers at the Washington, D.C. Rally on Saturday will include:

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (MN)
Congressman Tom Price (GA)
Congressman Joe Wilson (SC)
Actor & Conservative John Voight
Dr. Milton Wolf, Barack Obama’s second cousin who opposes Obamacare
Colin Hanna, Let Freedom Ring
Jim Martin, 60 Plus
Phil Kerpen, Americans for Prosperity
Andrew Langer, Institute for Liberty
Kathryn Serkes, Doctor Patient Medical Association
Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party
Amy Kremer, Tea Party Express
Jennifer Hulsey, American Grassroots Coalition
FreedomWorks Representative
Ben Cunningham, Founder of the Tennessee Tax Revolt