Pelosi's March 16th "Tea Party Etiquette" Memo

Conservative radio host and blogger Dana Loesch just tweeted that she just received a memo dated today written by Doug Thornell, one of Pelosi’s aides, in preparation for the massive rallies taking place tomorrow. Dana highlights the relevant absurd parts:

“As many of you have read, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 16, 2010, tens of thousands of conservative and Tea Party activists will be on the Hill as part of what they are dubbing a “Surge Against Obamacare.” Rick Scott, a multimillionaire investor and former hospital executive, is helping to lead the grassroots effort along with a number of other groups on the right like Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks.”

This is obviously a blatant lie. I’ve been a Tea Party protester since the very first one last February and I’ve never even heard of Rick Scott. But wait. It get’s better:

Many of the conservative activists are not opposing the actual provisions in the bill, but are instead reacting to a caricature of the reform bill presented by right-wing media outlets.

I’d like to go ahead and state for the record that I OPPOSE THE ACTUAL BILL and not whatever it is they think the media has caricaturized it to be. If the media has influenced anyone about it, then everyone would love this Bill based on the way they’ve praised and supported it.

I called the author of this memo just now and left him a polite voice mail asking him to please go back and make the necessary corrections – that Rick Scott (whoever that is…) has nothing to do with the Tea Party movement, and that we do, in fact, oppose the actual bill.

His office phone number is (202)-225-0247 and his cell phone is (202)-579-0333 if you would like to do the same.