Emancipating another "Kennedy Seat"

Hell hath no fury like that of a voter scorned.

Apparently, the grassroots arm of the Scott Brown campaign known as the “Brown Brigade” didn’t take too kindly to criticisms of Representative Patrick J. Kennedy (D-RI) when he called Scott Browns campaign “a joke”.

In response, they’ve begun a coordinated effort to unseat Kennedy by throwing their newly acquired activism skills behind the opposing Republican candidate John J Loughlin III, a three-term RI state representative. Hmmm, sound familiar?

Using the Brown Brigade social networking website, a new group was created toward this effort which signed up 16 recruits on the just the first day:

“So Patrick Kennedy thinks he can call Scott Browns campaign a “joke”? Republican John J. Loughlin is a strong candidate opposing Kennedy in Rhode Island. High level Scott Brown advisers are running his campaign.”

And, it seems Professor William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection notoriety (and a Rhode Island native) enjoyed his time chronicling the Scott Brown campaign so much that he, too, has made a commitment to help send “Patches” Kennedy packing.

“In the wake of the victory by Scott Brown, I wondered what my next project(s) would be at this blog, What Should I Do After The Election? Now I know: Patrick Kennedy must go.”

Professor Jacobson points us toward a recent poll saying Kennedy could be vulnerable. And, the Professor’s insights into the arrogance and nasty demeanor of Rep. Kennedy should compel us all to work to return this Congressional seat to the people rather allowing it to become another “Kennedy Seat”.

Additionally, so excited to hear of Professor Jacobson new project, the awesome boyz over at HillBuzz.com are also driven to drive the last remaining Kennedy from office:

Can you even imagine it? A United States Congress with NO KENNEDYS in it? A dream whose time has come. Change we can believe in!

Heh. It looks to me like the joke is on Patrick.