Martha Coakley Video: Spreading the Wealth is a Civic Duty or Something

Apparently, Martha Coakley, the Democratic candidate in the upcoming Massachusetts special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s senate seat, is in it to save our souls.

In a speech she gave on November 13, 2009 to the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization  (GBIO) she opined the following :

“I think it’s a part of all of our responsibilities in civic life to do a little bit of that saving of souls, too, and some of these questions are about what Washington can and should do about leveling the playing field and making things fairer for folks.”

She begins speaking at 3:20 in the video clip by dutifully slamming the wealthy corporations who got bailed out at taxpayers expense with no strings attached and follows with the above quote at the 5:13 mark.

She then goes on to blame all the evil, predatory banks for all of the foreclosures because people didn’t understand what they were getting into. Next, she talks about the great health insurance system in MA that she admits costs too much, but in the next breath she says she’ll support the (expensive) public option if she goes to Washington.

Lastly, $100 million for a jobs creation program, money for gov’t student loans, and lower credit card interest rates are all on her to-do list when she gets elected. All in the name of “leveling the playing field” and the “saving of souls”.

My soul is fine. I’d rather she save my money.

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Update II: I’ve posted a shorter clip on YouTube of Coakley’s money quote here.