Not with a bang but a whimper

Right now we are in the midst of a vicious circle. People are concerned about their safety so the totalitarians who run the administration and DHS tell them they need increased security to protect them. The increased security raises the level of apprehension so the people demand more security. The totalitarians are more then happy to oblige and tighten security further. This raises the level of apprehension …

I’m not sure how to end it. Our CongressCritters are afraid to step the security down for fear of being criticized when something happens; they’d rather subject the peasants to more restriction than take the risk of being criticized.

The current socialist administration is more than happy to clamp down, a totalitarian police state is their ultimate goal anyway so this fit their needs nicely.

Another terrorist attack will occur; who, when and where I have no idea but it will happen. What happens after is perhaps even more important than the attack itself. The current administration will be more than happy to capitalize on the "crisis" that will result.

The terrorists have already won, they have our government doing their dirty work against us.

I can think of lots of ways to reassert our liberty and still have the level of safety that Americans are entitled to. But it requires a sea change in our attitudes about the role of citizens and the government; a sea change in the acceptance of our rights and responsibilities; a sea change in the relationship of citizens with each other; a sea change that is probably not possible given the gap between the people who would be free and the people who think they have the right to run our lives.

It may be too late; we may sink into a police state because we can’t agree on our personal rights and responsibilities. And that is the way the greatest experiment in self-government in the sorry history of man ends, not with a bang but a whimper.