Airport Security Theater, the Greatest Show on Earth

The Israeli approach to aviation security is to look for bad guys.
Our approach is to assume everyone is a bad guy and spend our time and
resource looking for weapons. TSA takes away your nail clippers (yeah
they say they don’t but they do) and then the airline gives you a knife
and fork for your meal. They take away your scissors and then let a
passenger board with knitting needles. They make you take off your
shoes and then allow ball point pens aboard the aircraft. Any properly
trained fighter can kill with a fork, a knitting needle or a ball point

But for the terrorists it isn’t about killing
individuals in the cabin, that’s a waste of time and effort; its about
the entire aircraft. The cockpit is sort-of-secured so taking over the
aircraft and turning it into a cruise missile is not likely any longer.
What’s left? Blowing up the aircraft in flight. Logically searching for
and seizing individual weapons is a waste of time and effort.Thus far
the terrorists have sent half-wits not trained fighters. All of which
tells me me they did not care whether the bombs carried by the shoe
bomber or the underware bomber went off or not. I think Al Queda’s view
was if the bombs went off and took down the airplane it would be an
unexpected bonus. But they also know that if that happened we’d be
unlikely to know exactly what it was. They wanted the bombs to be found.
The real purpose was to send us down the rabbit hole trying to
“protect” against half-wit bombers.

Al Queda is playing us
like a fine violin. They can keep doing this rubbish using half-wit
mules from some Pakistani madrasa with a half-kilo of $10 home made
PETN and watch us implode with layer after layer of phony security. We
will tie the country in knots, p*ss off the citizenry and all to what

We think TSA is theater, the REAL theater is what AL Queda is doing to us.