Winning the battle and losing the war

I think most of us have observed that the percentage of crazy in the Democratic party has been increasing over time.  In 2008, candidate Obama resisted the “socialist” label and his campaign considered in a slur.  In 2019, the leading candidates have willfully wrapped themselves in a socialist banner and political advocates on social media defend socialism straight on.  Trump in 2019 is labeled “far right” by media and leftists, but back in the 1990’s–he was viewed largely as a Clinton Democrat.  The movement of the left towards the crazy left has never stopped, but it accelerated in 2008 and shifted to an even higher gear in 2016.  Even hard core ideologues like Pelosi are now following the mob rather than leading it.

In the short term, the over aggressiveness of leftists coupled with their radical leftist ideology makes them easier to defeat.  If the left was less crazy than they were, the attacks on Kavanaugh would have been less rediculous and the discussions of impeaching Trump would be relegated to theoretical protestations by urban Democrats who routinely win their districts by vote margins what would make Putin blush.  There are non-crazy Democrats out there, and Trump will be getting many of their votes in 2020.  In the short term, the increased radicalization of the left helps us… but in the future, it is a huge danger.  Having 40% of the country subscribing the radical leftist politics makes it easier to unify the rest of us.  But what happens when that number becomes 45%?  Or 51%

What will stop the trend?  I am not sure.  However, the long term is scary.  Tim Pool’s video below identifies an important difference between the right and the left, and that difference may end up being what causes our downfall.