My invitation to Trump supporters

I confess that my personal bias is towards policy and not personality.  My interests are more geared towards the implementation of public policy in a conservative direction than it is to make a statement, induce certain people to squirm, be entertained, etc.  That said, I fully acknowledge that a human being, and not a collection of position papers, will be the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2016.

I have been on RedState in one way or another going back to 2006.  I don’t think the infighting among the conservative community has ever been this bad, this early in the primary season.  My top pick for President at this point is Scott Walker, based primarily on the “show don’t tell me” way of evaluating politicians. Cruz, Rubio, and Carly are all in my top 4.   I like Jindal, Perry, and Carson a lot, but I don’t think they will be able to mount serious runs for the nomination.  Ultimately, I will vote for the Republican nominee whomever that person is, because the country can’t afford more leftist presidents at this time.  I also think that any Republican President is going to sign, not veto, a repeal of Obamacare.

Having said all that, I am curious to learning more about what Trump has said over the years with respect to specific policies.  Why not try to create a library of links showing what Trump would do if elected President?

Trump has run for a presidential nomination before. I am surprised that more people haven’t mentioned his run against Buchanan for the Reform Party nomination.


At this point, there are four things on that list:

(1) Build a wall

(2) Allow insurance companies to sell policies across state lines

(3) Increase Tariffs

(4) Renegotiate Trade Deals

I am looking only for positive reasons to support Trump (thing that he will do that people will like), and not negative marks on his record.  I am looking for substantive policy ideas, not “I am better at negotiating” kind of stuff.  I am also looking for ideas that Trump has actually given his support to, not ideas that we “think” Trump supports.  So please, provide a source, quote, link, etc.

Please comment with links/analysis to add to my list.  I am curious to see what turns up.

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