How we can start NOW to chip away at the monstrosity of Obamacare

We all want to repeal the ACA as soon as possible. I support Cruz’s call for a complete repeal. I believe that such a bill has passed the House approximately 40 times already, but I am all for doing it again and again and again.

That being said, there are some additional things we can do that: (1) will get more Democrat votes that an outright repeal; (2) will be popular with the public; (3) will help accelerate the toppling of the ACA; and (4) will spur further dissension in lefty la la land.

As many of you know, the ACA includes a pre-approved insurance bailout (what is referred to as a “risk corridor”). Basically, the Federal government insures the insurance companies against losses incurred during the 3 year transition to the Exchanges.

Rubio has a proposal to repeal that aspect of Obamacare. The prospect of bailing out insurance companies is obviously hard for everyone to stomach, including Democrat politicians whose basis for enacting Obamacare in the first place was premised on the evil nature of the insurance companies. The Rubio proposal to repeal the risk corridor provisions of the ACA has the best chance of peeling of D votes.

If the pre-approved bailout is repealed, the willingness of insurance companies to go on to the Exchanges will be impeded, further reducing the desirability of consumers to go on those exchanges. Such a repeal would cut off an important tentacle from Obamacare.

If the repeal measure is not approve by the D’s, we have them on the record as supporting a bailout of insurance companies.

This is a potentially juicy vote. I for one hope that the Rubio measure gains traction.