Playing smart---playing to win---playing with the team that we have

Let me first say that although I live in Michigan, I am no fan of Congressman Upton. I will NEVER use one of those mercury bomb light bulbs in my house. That being said, even mediocre squirrels can find a nice nut, sometimes by sheer luck.

There are many of people on the center-right side of the political divide who think that we can avoid blame by constantly repeating the phrase “I told you so” for the next 36 months until a new President is elected and Obamacare can be repealed. I think those people are unrealistic for a lot of reasons.

My preference is to go on offense. Sitting back and waiting for the MSM, President Obama, and the other democrats to control the agenda by choosing what the policy consideration of the day is a big big mistake. They will ultimately find a policy or two that will be difficult for the R’s to vote down.

Far better for our side to control the agenda. By doing that, we can trigger Democrat intra-party arguments on their end. We make it less likely that

I want left insurance regulators to get in arguments with the White House. I want Democrat Senators to propose legislation that the Democrat Majority Leader in the Senate calls “unconstitutional”. I want the talking heads on MSNBC to complain that Obama is giving in too much.

Upton is a fool, but he triggered Landrieu and he also triggered the President’s announcement yesterday. Yesterday’s announcement triggered all sorts of controversies that will keep the White House on defense.

Obama’s “fix” for insurance cancellations is not going over well

The McClame strategy of sitting back and doing nothing never made sense. Lets do what we can to make sure that as few people sign up on the exchanges as possible. Lets do what we can to keep the Democrats on defense. Lets do what we can to remove the underlying operational presumptions of Obamacare such that repeal becomes inevitable rather than merely hopeful.