Why the "fixes" don't matter and should not be avoided

President Obama’s administrative fix is irrelevant. Landrieu’s bill is irrelevant. Upton’s bill is irrelevant. I agree with Rush Limbaugh in saying that these “fixes” cannot possible work. It is all smoke and mirrors. No insurance company is going to undue months of planning to offer up resurrected plans that have already been terminated under state regulations. Too much uncertainty and too little promise of profits. Anything short of a long term carveout for “non-compliant”/”sub-par” plans is irrelevant. I can assure you that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is NOT going to offer my cancelled plan to individuals in 2014. It is not going to happen. It cannot happen under the laws of Michigan.

My definition of “staying out of it” is different from my brothers and sisters on the right. My definition of staying out of it is making sure we aren’t blamed for its failure. Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson, and others define staying out of it to mean propose nothing except a full repeal.

In my way of thinking, let the D’s have their “solutions” and their “fixes”. Agree to “fixes” that the D’s themselves propose that will are contrary to the underpinnings of the ACA’s operational structure. Let the Democrats remove legs from the table until the table collapses. Nobody blames us. We tried to “help” after all. The focus stays on the democrats. For good measure, we propose our own more far reaching “fixes” that would only serve to make the ACA more unworkable.

With the Rush/Erickson approach, we need a disciplined team and a fair media. Our guys would need to say “no” while people suffer. The MSM will focus on the Republicans as agents of petty political gamesmanship. They will have no cover, and be subjected to relentless pressure to do something. This alternative is to have the D’s blame the R’s for the failures of the ACA.

I think it is far better to stay on offense and not assume a defensive position. Repeal is necessarily going to be preceded by a lot of problems. DC politicians will be running around like headless chickens as this plays out. We should give our guys some cover.

Any fix that doesn’t actually fix the ACA should be accepted by Republicans while Republicans push back further with carevouts that are longer in duration and greater in scope. Why just one year instead of a permanent carveout? Why not allow for new plans, not just old grandfathered plans? Why not enhance competition with off-Exchange plans involving HSAs?

I agree with Rush Limbaugh that we should either repeal it or just get out of the way of the ACA. I further agree with Rush that the ACA can’t work (unless we provide an infinite supply of extra dollars).

That being said we disagree on the tactics of what is to come.

Insurance companies are like aircraft carriers. They can’t change direction at the drop of a hat. State-level boards of insurance have a process for the creation and/or re-creation of insurance policies. No insurance company is going to be able, much less desire, to re-create policies that have been terminated. Let the D’s show how impontent they have become. Let Landrieu provide a “solution” that helps no one.

We have the opportunity to provide “fixes” that are designed to break the ACA further. We have the opportunity to allow the Democrats to fail with their “fixes”.

Let us get out of their way, shall we?