What the heck happened in 2012?

As the ACA aka Obamacare marches forward to implementation, the news has become increasingly dominated with stories about people losing their insurance coverage.  I myself am amongst the estimated 93 million Americans who will have their insurance coverage discontinued due to the ACA.


By now, the right-center blogosphere is circulating the fact that back in 2010, the HHS estimated that 93 million Americans would lose their plans under the ACA.  Even the MSM is going to report on this if they haven’t already.

This fact is damning the President in many ways.  There is little doubt that people are looking at him differently as a result, and for the first time . . . he is not getting the benefit of the doubt.

My questions are as follows:

Why wasn’t the excerpt from the Federal Register turned into Exhibit A of the campaign?  Was it because nobody on the right knew about it?  Was it because there was a decision not to use it?

What does it say about operational effectiveness that we collectively failed to either discover or use what is so clearly damning evidence that the President’s policies are not what he has advertsied?

Groups that failed to mention this great bit of evidence back in 2012 when it could have made a big difference:

Rommney campaign




Club for Growth



What happened?  How could we miss this?  This is political malpractice.  Please note that I am being specific to the language/numbers in the Federal Register, and not the general claim which we all knew to be directionally true.