Why does capitalism go undefended?

These debates are downers. Its not that I think McCain will lose, because I think McCain ultimately will prevail. Barack Obama would rather be President of France than the US, and I think a lot of blue collar types get that.

These debates are wasted opportunities for the conservative movement, and from our perspective, the best interests of America.

All of the ongoing narratives on the economy are left wing narratives, and none of those memes are being challenged. Being unable to challenge the narrative, McCain is like an injured boxer on the ropes.

  • The financial crisis is the result of deregulation
  • Trickle down economics leads to job losses
  • Tax cuts for the rich somehow reduce the real wages of workers
  • $350 Million in CEO pay is a big part of the problem, but $20B in earmarks is nothing, and the IOUs for Social Security aren’t even worth mentioning
  • Tax cuts are really just another form of government spending

A principled free-market person could knock these things out of the park. I’ve even heard Huckabee talk about some of these things on his show. For whatever reason, McCain just can’t articulate arguments contrary to these narratives. Probably because capitalism is not high on his list of principles. He is an honorable man, a hero and a man of personal character. He is not however a business person, and he like Obama, has never really worked in the free market. In other words, capitalism is merely a theory to McCain, while global warming is a threat requiring a hero to come save the day.

You campaign with the candidate you have, and the candidate strengths that you have. I predict (hope) that McCain will at least repeat an infinitum over the next couple of weeks the following:

Obama SAYS he wants to cut your taxes, but has never even tried to do so . . . NOT EVEN ONCE. He has repeatedly tried to raise taxes and he has repeatedly voted to increase spending. Barack’s record shows his true commitment to tax policy–he is a tax and spend democrat who believes that any money you retain after taxes is the result of the generosity of the government