Questions for the talented Mr. Obama

I hope McCain posits at least a couple of these questions in the debate tonight (or alternatively, in some tv ads):

If you want to cut taxes for middle class Americans, why haven’t you authored legislation to do just that?

Can you point to any tax cut legislation that you supported in your career as a legislator?

Can you think of one example where the fundamental goodness of American was being challenged/attacked, and you argued with that person?

Should people in the Russian government care about what the American people think of them?

Please identify uses of military force by the U.S. that you supported.

Do you think tax rates influence the behavior of individuals and businesses?

What is your most significant professional accomplishment?

Can you think of one country in the world that became more prosperous by increasing taxes on the wealthy?

Can you identify one aspect of the French public policy that you find inferior to current American policy?

What do you say to critics who say you want to make American more like Europe?

What has been your most significant mistake as an elected official?

If McCain had a friend who was a former member of the KKK and was unrepentent, would you consider that a character flaw?

When have you ever tried to eliminate tax loopholes?

I encourage everyone to add questions of their own in the comments. The McCain campaign obviously needs some help.

Ultimately, I agree with Dick Morris’s analysis yesterday–push the tax cut issue, and point out how unlikely it is that Obama would ever reduce taxes. If McCain drives home this single point, I think he can close the economy gap.