Alleged "Thrill Kill" Sergeant

Of course we’re still in the “alleged” phase, but a few poignant questions do arise:

1. Does the media do a disservice to the military by highlighting stories like these (good TV), while as is often lamented, not bringing much attention to all the good being done in Iraq/Afghanistan/elsewhere (“boring” TV)?

2. How much does this jeopardize the Allied forces’ relationships with Afghan civilians?

3. Are statements like “this is just what happens in war” helpful or hurtful?

4. Obviously not all–or most–troops are like this. Obviously not all–or most–people are like this. Is it a byproduct of war, or is this guy (the alleged ringleader/what-have-you) simply a psychologically unredeemable murderer who just so happens to don a uniform?

The full story can be found here.

My all-too-brief quip on the ineptitude of the bureaucracy (and video embed) can be found here.