Muslim Cab Driver Attacked -- By Leftist

A drunk “social justice” filmographer allegedly stabbed a NYC cab driver multiple times after asking “are you Muslim?” reports the NY Daily News.

He recently returned from filming in Afghanistan, and his group has actually endorsed the Park 51 Ground Zero mosque proposal.

The details, as reported by NYC Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly (whom I once lived kitty-corner to, as a totally unrelated sidenote) are a bit unsettling, and maybe confusing. We’ll have to await further reports to draw a complete picture, but one thing’s clear: this guy exudes tolerance.

“As the cab was proceeding, the passenger asked, ‘Are you Muslim?’ and the driver said that he was,'” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters.

After his initial flurry of questions, Enright grew silent for several minutes before suddenly attacking the unsuspecting Sharif.

Just before Enright whipped out the knife from his multi-gadget Leatherman tool, he barked: “Al salaam aalaykum” – which means “Peace be upon you” in Arabic – Kelly said.

Enright also told the cabbie “This is a checkpoint,” an apparent reference to security screenings in Afghanistan, Kelly said. Enright reached through the partially open plastic barrier separating the front seat from the back in order to attack Sharif.

Sharif fought back and then stopped the cab at 43rd St. and Third Ave. – a bad break for Enright, because that’s where an NYPD cop was stationed, Kelly said.

I’ve got a couple of screen shots up here.