NY-19: Nan Hayworth and the GOP Comeback

You see, we lost big in ’06, but we didn’t lose by much. There are opportunities literally everywhere for the Republican party to take back and in many cases capture for the first time in a long time, Congressional seats that swung just a little bit Democrat in the last few cycles. The 19th Congressional district of New York is a prime example of this: it went for Bush by 2% in 2000 and 9% in 2004, and was represented by Republicans from 1993 until a Democrat was (barely) elected in ’06. (It went for Obama by 3%.)

Now we’ve got a solid nominee in Nan Hayworth, a Mount Kisco ophthalmologist whose candidacy embodies the domino threat Congressional Democrats face in November. With a local coalition of conservative groups’ and leaders’ support and a first-class campaign operation, she is surely to be among the GOP candidates consistently listed as probable members of the 2011 freshmen class between now and November.

Surely those 19th District “swing” voters have come to their senses after 18 months of Obama, and should Hayworth sustain an aggressive campaign, her support will only continue to intensify and her name recognition will elevate (it is a bit low, mind you). Tell me, how can she possibly lose?

Support her promising campaign here and/or here.

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