Rand Paul Has Republican Jews Nervous?

It was only a matter of time until Rand Paul’s totally undramatic and unsurprising CRA-’64 “comments” coalesced with memories of Ron Paul’s non-support for Israel-no-matter-what-when-or-why, and produced this. When the anti-black racism smear doesn’t quite sink in, there’s always one, more powerful card to play.

Funny how these two “constituencies”–blacks and Jews–are the two that Republicans so tenuously caress and go out of their way not only to not extol a smidgeon of insult toward, but to butter up and preemptively defend against racist accusations toward…yet are the two that vote most overwhelmingly for Democrats.

Perhaps if we stopped “eating our own” like letting ‘racist’ accusations against Ron and Rand Paul fly (not to mention Tom Tancredo, etc.), then the party would appear to be more unified on principle. And we might just win over some of those “ethnic” votes in the process. Just saying.

Cross-posted at 20/10 Blog.