McDonnell, Christie, (Hoffman), Brown...Djou!

Obama’s renewed Democratic supermajority has taken some major hits since his taking office. A chance for Republicans to deliver another big one lies in Hawaii to fill the seat of Neil Abercrombie, who’s at least a 7.5 on the Ted Kennedy 10-scale of legacy Dems still in the progressive consciousness.

Competing in a May primary against two Democrats in a winner-take-all three way, Charles Djou is compelling as he is energetic. While I am loathe to link to the FrumForum, Tim Mak over there points out the several signs that Djou’s got a surprising chance to win. Also, from Human Events,

The two leading Democrats are decided liberals, both of whom live in the 2nd District.  Both, in fact, have run for the 2nd District seat before.  Ed Case was the 2nd’s congressman from 2002-06 and Colleen Hanabusa is state senate president.
“So I’m the only major candidate who can actually vote for himself,” [said] the lone Republican candidate Charles Djou. [The election is for the first congressional district.]

Not sure how much this will play in an obviously deep blue district, but Charles Djou really is a compelling candidate for the GOP, and might just get the right amount of national grassroots attention in the coming weeks to pull off yet another Republican upset.

I hope to read and hear a lot more about him as early voting commences and the May 22 primary approaches. [Also posted at 20/10 Blog.]