Left's Attacks Against Pope Benedict

I certainly understand that through this crisis, the real victims are those who underwent the horrors of sexual abuse (and other abuses) at the hands of clergy, and I understand that the Church’s practice of shuffling suspected criminals is not only itself suspect, but misguided and in dire need of rethought.

But the Left (its media, at least) seems all to eager to jump to the conclusion that the Pope himself willingly and maliciously covered up abuses and should “step down.”

Any calls to remove the Pope from non-Catholics, in my view, is akin to people like Richard Dawkins telling us how we do or how we ought to interpret our own faiths.

I think it’s convenient. Obviously the abuses are horrible, and those guilty of abuse are criminals in both Catholic and common law. But it’s convenient for the media to now cross the line and assault the very foundations of faith. By attacking the Pope, they are influencing the masses to feel guilty about being Catholics, going to church, having pictures of the Pope in their homes or restaurants…

Just like it’s already uncomfortable to admit that you believe in God in everyday conversation with strangers (or that you were a Republican during the Bush years), imagine what it’s going to be like to say you’re a Catholic–and that you don’t want to see the Pope hang!

At least, that’s what they want it to be like. In the perfect secularized world, secular speak is not the common denominator–it’s the means of communication. By that I mean that instead of us all being tolerant of one another’s faith or non-faith, we are intolerant of all but the atheist, agnostic, “baptized but don’t believe,” etc.

The bottom line is that it’s so easy to identify the sworn enemies of the left (or right, in some cases) by how soon after a scandal or accusation erupts, that the leader or perpetrator is condemned to the worst imaginable public fate. In this case, at first light of abuse, liberal commentators, bloggers, and editors couldn’t restrain their calls for “the Pope to resign” and top Cardinals to be jailed and replaced. It really says a lot.

Sure, we all know by now that certain individual priests are guilty of abuse, and that some higher-ups somewhere knew somethings at some times. But we don’t know to what extent, what actions were actually taken, or really, much else. The Vatican tends to remain secretive on everything, not just matters like these. The faith is infinitely stronger than a few pedophile priests. Like many have said, because Priest “A” molested 300 deaf children, doesn’t mean that Christ didn’t rise from the dead, and that the truth of salvation in Christ is a lie.

I’m guessing that there are some Catholics out there on RedState; if this scandal turns your faith, please, please, reconsider, and examine your faith and the Church itself, instead of what the television, newspapers, magazines, or your peers say about it. Faith in Christ and communion with the Church are by nature apolitical–don’t let the politics, or the crimes of a few, infect them.